Friday, 26 July 2013

Time flying

Crikey is it really nearly 3 whole weeks since I posted?
A lot has happened in that time. Real life took over and I ended up working my day job (you know the one that pays) most days. Not that I minded. My boss was very poorly and I learnt a lot, did things I'd not done before, generally pushed myself that little bit harder and had fun most of the time.
I got to go on a trip to the Eden Project.
Not just to admire the lavender and wildflowers
but that was the first part of the day and they loved it!
A long day 13 hours with 65 children but what fun! I'd definitely go back with my own two but perhaps on a slightly cooler day. 45 degrees in the biome was a bit much for a paley like me.
I tried not to think about the Talent for Textiles fair back home and all the gorgeous things I might be missing... thank you all for making me green eyed with your piccies!
However I've missed making stuff. The sewing machine had a little break but needed to be brought back to life on Monday for teacher gifts...
Now I'm another year older my kind sister sent me this gorgeous fabric for my birthday. It's carefully folded up in my latest stash stack whilst I ponder what to make next...
In the meantime to make room for some new stock and to celebrate a fantastic month selling 6 beds I'm having a little sale in my Etsy Shop. 20% off for the rest of July so hurry on down while stock lasts and all that...
It includes the last beach bags and patchy t-shirts... just enter the code JULY13 at the checkout.
Now I'm hoping for a bit more of that sun we had before term finished.
This was where the little jammers wanted to go when school finished on Tuesday. A sunny afternoon at home a few miles inland, however the sea mist put a bit of a grey tinge on things!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Summer's here, time for a beach bag or 5

I've been busy making beach bags over the last three weeks so boy was I pleased to see the sun this week!
Just what I needed for a photo shoot and an excuse for the beach.
I knew where I wanted to photograph them...
Lyme Regis on the beach huts of course!
Want to have a look?
First up is this lovely stripy towelling with seagulls.
As you can see three of them are waiting for ribbon for their rosettes. I was hoping it would arrive on Friday so I could get them finished but unfortunately not. 
They will all be finished like this!
Fishy towelling lined in blue pvc ready for your wet cossie.
My own not so little model helped me set up the photos.
We found the perfect pink chair for this pink and grey bag.
The red one is a pre order (I'm beginning to see the instant joy of Facebooking).
But I think I've got one more.
And last but not least a one off.
 I couldn't resist buying this fun piece of towelling at The Vintage Bazaar last Saturday.
 Just enough for one bag!
 So which one is your favourite?
All bags are interfaced for strength and lined in plastic. I'm also thinking that stuffed with your clothes they'll make a comfy pillow too.
And of course I'm going to tell you I'm about to pop them in my Etsy shop this evening!
Have a sunny week

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Forgetful in Frome

I'll apologise in advance for where this post is heading...
 Saturday was something of a miracle for me - an early start. I am an owl not a lark but after Saturday I'm having second thoughts. I set my alarm for 6am, gulp. If I'd had to put money on me getting up I don't think I'd have bothered. However I surprised myself and at 6.30 found myself heading out of the house...
Delighted to see people still have milk delivered and in a great little thingy to protect them. You see I've never been up early enough to see these things before.
 I headed through a very quiet Brewery Square,
 eyed up a doll's cot in a skip - yes a skip - don't you?
until I got to the little unmanned station where I live.
 I was heading 'north' 
 and at the crazy time of 8am got off (yes off, I'd been going an hour and ten minutes) the train in Frome. Now have you guessed where I was going yet?
a beautiful morning which was just as well 
 as I ambled along not really sure where I was going
 along a pretty path and past the most gorgeous houses
 I particularly liked the one below.
 Next stop the cash point (very important as you'll see)
 and a coffee search
past Costa to The Garden Café. Down a little alleyway to the most delicious take out coffee.
 Still so early I had time for a little window shopping
 Lovely tea towels.
 And that dear reader is where it all went wrong! You may have guessed I was heading to the Vintage Bazaar's Giant Rag Market. Yes I made it. In fact I got to queue to get in - another first.
BUT the fabric, the rush, the clothes, the curtains, the GLTs (gorgeous little things, sweetie). Crikey I clean forgot I'd taken you with me tucked inside my camera and you stayed in my bag until I got home. You should have said. If you'd given me a nudge I'd have taken you out and let you see all the lovely stalls, meet the bloggy stallholders...
You'll have to pop over here and have a look.  
Now impressively I was back on the 10.47 train. Things to make, fabric to wash and all that.
 The beauty of the train ride was being able to finish this pair by hand.
 Back in time to wash and dry my purchases
and rescue that cot from the skip - of course!

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