Friday, 26 July 2013

Time flying

Crikey is it really nearly 3 whole weeks since I posted?
A lot has happened in that time. Real life took over and I ended up working my day job (you know the one that pays) most days. Not that I minded. My boss was very poorly and I learnt a lot, did things I'd not done before, generally pushed myself that little bit harder and had fun most of the time.
I got to go on a trip to the Eden Project.
Not just to admire the lavender and wildflowers
but that was the first part of the day and they loved it!
A long day 13 hours with 65 children but what fun! I'd definitely go back with my own two but perhaps on a slightly cooler day. 45 degrees in the biome was a bit much for a paley like me.
I tried not to think about the Talent for Textiles fair back home and all the gorgeous things I might be missing... thank you all for making me green eyed with your piccies!
However I've missed making stuff. The sewing machine had a little break but needed to be brought back to life on Monday for teacher gifts...
Now I'm another year older my kind sister sent me this gorgeous fabric for my birthday. It's carefully folded up in my latest stash stack whilst I ponder what to make next...
In the meantime to make room for some new stock and to celebrate a fantastic month selling 6 beds I'm having a little sale in my Etsy Shop. 20% off for the rest of July so hurry on down while stock lasts and all that...
It includes the last beach bags and patchy t-shirts... just enter the code JULY13 at the checkout.
Now I'm hoping for a bit more of that sun we had before term finished.
This was where the little jammers wanted to go when school finished on Tuesday. A sunny afternoon at home a few miles inland, however the sea mist put a bit of a grey tinge on things!


  1. Eden Projekt is wonderful, only the tropical house I do not like, to hot and weat.

    You had a great time there. Thanks for the photographs.


  2. Hi There,Happy Birthday!!!!The Eden Project looks amazing!!!But I wouldn't like to do it with so many children!!!!I praise you for your patients!!!Someone has to do it,right??!!!May your holidays be sunny and warm!!!

  3. I would love to go to the Eden project some time. We meant to do it last time we were in Cornwall but didnt get around to it!My nephew drove all the way down there from Yorkshire with his girlfriend for his birthday as it was something he had always wanted to do.A long way to go for a couple of days but they loved it.
    I love the fabric your sister got you, she has a good eye!

  4. I love Eden - last time we went on a very wet day during a camping trip - the tropical biome helped dry us and many others off!!!

  5. Crikey - 45 degrees - I think I'd have melted! sounds like a long day but I'm sure you'll have fond memories (although I agree the textiles thing does sound more up my street!) Love the gorgeous fabric from your sister - I bet you'll make it into something wonderful x Jane

  6. So much happens in Blogland whilst you're away doesn't it! Never got to Dorchester I'm afraid, couldn't peel ourselves away from the coast! Next time! Eden looks fab, we must go to Cornwall! :) x

  7. We have been to Eden many times. We love it. We take a picnic because the food is so expensive and to avoid the queues. Because we live in Cornwall they do special deals for local people for the year so we can visit many times. They also have lots of artists visit.

  8. It's been years since we visited the Eden project - our eldest was a baby. I'd love to go back, it's an amazing place. Gorgeous apple gifts for the teachers and happy belated birthday! x


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