Friday, 26 November 2010

Last minute making

Only a week to go now until my first Christmas Coffee Morning at De Danann and I'm busy restocking T-shirts. Just finished orders placed at Poundbury and now trying to refill the rail ready for next weekend. If you're after a particular size let me know before I make up the last few.
There are retro Sport ones for boys (or girls).

and Flower Fairies for girls (or boys?)

Also finished covering this sweet little ironing board in an old Cath Kidston print. Perfect for your little domestic goddess.

Just a couple of the many stockings I've made. Also some with vintage fabric trims such as Noddy.

Hope to see you next weekend!
Saturday 10-12, De Danann Antique Centre, London Rd, Dorchester, DT1 1NF
15% off for cash and cheque purchases.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Yet more stock

Why not treat your favourite dolly this Christmas...

1. Sleep in style in this vintage cot with handmade bedding in Cath Kidston ballet print £30
2. Almost loathe to part with this gorgeous original pushchair with animal print seat £22
3. Travel in comfort in this nice old pram with handmade mattress, pillow and patchwork quilt £48
4. Complete the look with a vintage doll with CK skirt and hand knitted cardi coat £8
1. Quilted baby blanket in vintage Noddy fabric, lightly padded and backed in cream fleece £32
2. Quilted baby blanket in patchworked in vintage animal fabric, lightly padded and backed in blue fleece £28
3. Quilted baby blanket in vintage nursery fabrics, lightly padded and backed in cream fleece £28 - sorry SOLD
4. Original Triang Gee-Gee rocker £16 - Sorry SOLD

These items are all either at De Danann already or will be delivered shortly!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Stock update 1

Just a taster of the gifts I've added to my unit this week.
Items can be reserved by email or by leaving a comment.
1. patchwork coathangers in various fabrics - £3.50 each
2. vintage jigsaws from £5
3. tote bags handmade from vintage fabrics, lined in cream - £15
4. 100% lavender pillows - £6

1. wooden cot with handmade Flower Fairy bedding (mattress, pillow and quilt) and canopy - £30 - Sorry SOLD!

2. original dropside cot in black with handmade bedding (mattress, pillow, knitted blue blanket and quilt backed in vintage wool blanket) in the much coveted 'Pussy Willow' barkcloth - £38 - Sorry SOLD!

3. cot with original transfers and handmade bedding (mattress, pillow and sheet in pastel stripes, pure wool stripe blanket and blue paatchwork quilt topper) - £30

4. pine cot with handmade bedding (mattress, pillow, knitted blanket and quilt) in lilac - £30 - Sorry SOLD!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Christmas is coming...

Just to let you know I'm having a couple of 15% off mornings before Christmas - see details below. Yes there will be cake!
I will be adding photos of new stock as it arrives at the Centre. You can always leave a comment if you wish to reserve anything. Lots of gifty stuff and dolly cots next post!

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