Friday, 1 November 2013

Stocking up and spooking out

 This half term I've been trying to stock up on Christmas makes in anticipation of a busy time ahead.
 Stockings trimmed with vintage children's fabrics
 Lovely vintage Bambi barkcloth
 Shirefolk by Burgess Ledward
 This gorgeous old zoo fabric
 and vintage racing cars
both teamed with old gold velvet!
Meanwhile there has been making of a different variety going on
Eldest Jammer spent the week showing numerous pictures of intricate pumpkin designs "We could do this Mum!".
We settled on buying her her own pumpkin and I was then really impressed with this. All made with her 12 year old hands and fingers still all present!
 I made an owl. Bit of a cheat really as I chose it because I thought it would be the quickest option with minimal cutting involved.
 And Little Jam had a 'here's one I made earlier' moment. Her pumpkin has been sat in the fridge grinning at us for a week since she made him at a friend's party.
Happy November to you!


  1. you have been busy. So rewarding ....

  2. Happy November - love those pumpkins! Jane x

  3. Lovely stockings. The cat pumpkin is fab! x

  4. Love the stocking and the pumpkins
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Love your cute stockings they are really lovely. Fabulous carved pumpkins, very impressed by the work of your 12 year old!! Xoxo

  6. Those stockings are lovely. You always make beautiful things XX

  7. I love your Bambi stocking, these are much more fun than the traditional red, green and white ones xox Penny

  8. What great original stockings, (love your blanket bunnies on etsy) x


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