Saturday, 28 July 2012

Loving Lyme

Loving Lyme Regis this week with its colourful beach huts.
 Loving walking past and taking a sneaky peak inside each one.
Loving the way people take time and care to decorate them
Loving the vintage kitchen cabinets inside a couple of them.
 Most of all I was loving enjoying them in the SUNSHINE!!
Now a little quiz for you...
In Lyme Regis it's National Lifeboat Week and these celebrations were going on on over the beach.
RAF parachutists dropped from a plane we could barely see - 12,000ft I think.
Free falling at 120mph.
 Twizzling around in coloured smoke until somehow, who knows how but they made these amazing patterns in the sky.
 Before descending rapidly onto the beach
 right in front of us!
Lovely to see the beach full of holiday makers making the most of the sun.
 I took a wander past my most favourite place to live, a girl can dream,
 up onto Broad Street.
 I left the jammers on the beach and had a lovely hour to myself mooching in the chazzas and gorgeous shops that Lyme offers. I nipped in to Ruby Rock Cake to see my friend Caroline but clean forgot to take any photos of her lovely stock. Do pop in if you're in the area as the shop is brimming with gorgeousness.
 Love my littlest jammer in my big sunhat!
Time for a wander back to the car.
Hmmm - second favourite house? Well I could make do I suppose.
 By the time we left at 7pm there were still lots of people making the most of the last few rays and who can blame them!
If you made it through to the end of this post, well done.
I hadn't realised what a lot of photos I'd taken.


  1. what incredible views they must have seen from so high.....scary to me though!
    I love those little beach huts how cute....looks like your having lovely weather also...enjoy!

  2. What lovely photo's, I've always wanted a beach hut :) x

  3. I want/need/must have a beach hut of my very own where I could while away my days sitting watching the world go by, brewing pots of tea and making sandcastles!! Lyme Regis looks a lovely place glad you enjoyed it. Lucey x

  4. those parachute pictures are fab ellie!
    lovely post
    fee x
    (my boys blue polo shirts are fine...but not when combined with the sweatshirt which is burgandy!!! not good on anyone)

  5. I'd love a beach hut, I'll have to make do with my shed! Great parachute pics too x

  6. Lovely Lyme Regis, the icecream coloured beach huts are very pretty, lovely pictures of a beautiful summers day
    Thea x

  7. We've just come back from a week's holiday in Charmouth and visited Lyme nearly every day! What an amazing week we had weather wise, it was just superb like a dream holiday! The kids were on the beach every day and it must be one of our cheapest holidays ever with no expensive day trips etc! How lucky are you to live in such a beautiful part of the country :)

  8. Oh just wonderful... felt like I was there. Beautiful

  9. We too were in Lyme last week. The weather was gorgeous - as was the ice cream. The diet starts tomorrow!

  10. Your lovely pics are making me love Dorset more than ever, such a lovely place to be...hope you have lots of sunny days to enjoy it this summer x x x x x

  11. hello ;0)x i really enjoyed this posting ;0) what an amazing view!! love the beach hut colours too- your girls are the sweetest x

  12. Such a pretty post! Your daughters are so sweet looking and look at those seaside pictures; I could almost smell the sea air! We are off to the seaside in Brittany soon - where my husband hails from - and we are so excited. Your lovely pictures have made the anticipation even sweeter.


  13. You are soooo lucky having all that loveliness so close at hand! I've just taken LOADS of beach hut photos on our holiday! I would love to have one all of my own! I might just let husband and children in occasionally! Ada :)


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