Wednesday, 25 July 2012

After rain

When deciding what to call this post I was reminded of these lyrics - 
After rain, after rain
We can walk in green fields once again
 by the Oysterband
One of my favourite bands - just had to have a little listen whilst I typed.

So the weekend saw the sun arrive in Dorset and Littlest Jammer led us on a Sunday morning walk.
 My sister was visiting from Amsterdam and is training for a trekking trip in October. 
 The remains of the temple.
 View back toward Dorchester.
 The remains of the flood.
 Little Jammer got a very very tall shoulder ride down.
 Another blankety bunny making his way to Holland for baby Stan!
And the sun continues to shine...
I took the jammers and a little friend to Weymouth on the train yesterday.
 Although I'm not a fan of busy beaches it was just so nice to be able to go and to have to get the suncream out!
More sun and sea tomorrow I hope!


  1. What a lovely sunny post! My aunt used to work in Weymouth, I used to love the sand sculptures on the beach! x

  2. Looks like you had a lovely weekend! Baby Stan is a lucky boy! Ada :)

  3. Lost post - love the bunny for Stan
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. It's been beautiful.... lets hope it stays! Lovely photo's :) x

  5. lovely photos of rolling hills! Love the name stan, and loving stan's rabbit!
    Hope you're still enjoying the sunshine - it's been a but cloudy up north - but its DRY so noone is moaning!
    fee x
    (happy hols)

  6. It's just so nice to be able to be out and about in Summer clothing rather than huddled indoors feeling all Wintery in Summer. Lovely post - haven't been to the beach in Weymouth for years. Love the photos.

  7. Lovely green and freshness. Weymouth is our doggys favourite beaches as the waves are very gentle and dont wash over him! Julie xxx

  8. im on holiday at weymouth reading this blog.How weird!!!

  9. Lovely! The sunshine we had this week did everyone the world of good. That walk looks great, such nice views.


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