Sunday, 15 July 2012

Rain = making, sun = sea

I'm going to start with a ta-dah moment! I made this cot quilted blanket for a friend's new baby last Saturday whilst the rain bucketed down. The fabric is vintage Noddy teamed with a green polka dot for a more contemporary look and backed in cream fleece. It has been hard to find a sunny moment to take a photo.
Whilst I was about it I made a matching cushion for my unit at the antique centre.
Now a couple of weeks ago my bloggy friend Safia rang to very excitedly ask me if I'd seen the latest Country Homes and Interiors magazine. Well I hadn't so dashed out to find one. However I had to wait as Safia's had been delivered and it wasn't in the shops yet.
so, what had she spotted that I was so keen to see? Safia must be a bit of a hawkeye to spot these cushions and bunting and know they were mine!
They are indeed Jelly Jam cushions on display in a rather stunning shepherd's hut.
I met Jane from Plankbridge Hutmakers last year when she purchased my cushions and bunting for a Country Life photo shoot and here they are again. If only I had a beautiful hut to show mine off... it is my birthday this week and a girl can dream.
Mostly we've been trying to keep dry here but managed a swift trip to Portland Castle during a rare sunny moment. 
English Heritage did a free day so we took advantage of that.
Soaking up a sunny moment on the Chesil on the way home.


  1. Ooh, how exciting to have your cushions and bunting in a magazine!! Well done. That noddy fabric is so nice, it's made a fabulous quilt and cushion. I especially love the little matching tag. x

  2. Wow - how great to see your cushions in a magazine!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Hi, love your quilt- most of the fabrics I use definitely have a more feminine edge but this is just perfect. I will have to extend my fabric range! I saw the article- it was great! Ada :)

  4. How exciting to be in a magazine! Lovely photo's of the castle :) x

  5. Wow! The cushions are gorgeous.
    Lovely photos
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  6. well done xx i love your cushions and quilts- how lucky am i to own one- i love the pebbles on that shore line- i have the magazine and totally missed that article- i will read back through it tonight ;0)xx

  7. Love your cushions and quilt. Congrats on the cushions being in the magazine and being spotted by your very observant friend. I too would like a shepherds hut but its the same here - the nearest I'll get to one is in a dream! Love those seaside shots too.
    Have a great week.

  8. I too saw this in the magazine and thought they looked like yours, you should have had your name in the article too! Shepherds huts are lovely, I have a postcard of one on my wall, if you can't have the real thing. Portland Castle looks interesting also, must take a trip, perhaps after the Olympics. Julie xxx

  9. I love the Noddy quilt and cushion, he used to be one of my favourite characters when I was younger and my mum even knitted me jumpers with Noddy and Big Ears on. And congratulations on being in the magazine!
    Sunshine? In Dorset?!? How did I manage to miss that? I'm going to have to come and have a look at your shop some time soon now that I know you're there. It seems so silly not to, seeming that I follow your blog and live so ridiculously close!

  10. Your gorgeous cushions deserve to be in a magazine. We'll be treading the chesil tomorrow afternoon and then hope to have an evening picnic. Let the sun shine. M x

  11. Hello Ellie...Many happy returns and so pleased that you love your bag, you have a very lovely husband, me thinks :-)
    As for resisting the push alongs...well I already have a push along bear, donkey fox haired terrier and panda, I do believe if i bought another push along critter into this house the mr woould move out!! so I had a little think and thought best not :-) xx

    Well done on your magazine fame thats so well deserved as you make gorgeous things xx

  12. Oh how exciting to have your own cushions and bunting in COUNTRY LIVING mag photo shoot... wowzers!! Love your vintage baby quilt and cushion, great fabrics. Hope you had a super weekend xx

    Louise :)

  13. Hi! I've just stumbled over your blog via Kazzy at Country Rabbit :) I'm so pleased I did, and WOW, your stuff was featured in Country Living! **Gasp**

    Erica :)



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