Thursday, 26 July 2012

Nowhere in particular

Two posts in two days? The weather must be good.
The sun is still shining here in beautiful Dorset, well not as I type at 10.30pm but it shone like mad earlier! We headed off to the beach again. It's funny how a bit of sun makes me go out and do stuff as I think I might not see any more this summer. This is summer enjoy it now. Make the most of it, it could be all over tomorrow.
 Let me introduce you to Nowhere Island. I hadn't seen the news and didn't know what this was until we arrived at Bowleaze Cove in Weymouth.
 Nowhere Island is part of the cultural olympiad. An artwork by Alex Hartley made from arctic soil and intended to make people think about how they would create a new nation. This video tells the story.
 Accompanying the arctic island is its travelling embassy. This hosted all kinds of arctic artefacts hidden in drawers and cases. It was beautifully curated and I wish I'd taken some more photos of the converted horsebox! The little jammers enjoyed counting polar bears in the embassy and were pleased to find at the end of the day their total of 41 was the highest.
 The embassy was manned by Ambassadors who were so enthusiatic for the project the jammers signed up to become citizens of the island. They got to ring the bell
 and got taught a special Nowhere handshake type greeting!
So if you're in the area take a look and see what you think. A waste of public money or something to make people think and smile?
It's here until 2nd August then off around the South Coast.
 More beach. More sun. More sand.
More hole digging.
 More sea!
Tomorrow... weather check... more of the same I think... it wont last long.


  1. Hi Ellie,
    Glad to see you've been making the most of the good weather. Sad it's so short lived! Have a great weekend.
    Hen x

  2. My girls would LOVE the travelling embassy! You are soooo lucky to live by the sea, I see it once a year if I'm lucky! I might get one of those lottery tickets today, you never know! A house by the sea, fantastic! I can't imagine you not being able to sew anything! There's hope for me yet! Hope the sun shines for you! Ada :)

  3. Nowhere Island sounds an interesting project! The weather is glorious - I hope it lasts!

  4. looks amazing, think the weather is set to turn unsettled so make the most of it!

  5. what an interesting project - I LOVE things like that!
    Hope the sun is still shining on you...fee x

  6. That no-where island embassy looks brilliant, such a good idea. I agree, the sunny weather makes you seize each day as you never know when it will end!


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