Sunday, 1 July 2012

Catching up

Sorry it's been a while. I'll blame it on the weather! No really it's true, all my photos look rubbish unless the sun shines.
Also, I've been on a little mini break, a child free long weekend courtesy of my dad. He took me to Amsterdam to stay with my sister. The occasion? A horribly large birthday that's hurtling towards me. I didn't take many photos but spotted Tintin's twin by a canal.
The event? My family's musical hero - Tom Petty. Tickets for England sold straight away, my dad booked himself one for Dublin and then hurrah my sister's boyfriend spotted an ad for an extra date in Amsterdam.
It was 20 years ago I first saw Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and then again in the late '90s so a much awaited, long overdue concert.
They did not disappoint and I've been indulging on you Tube ever since.
Thank you Dad! Thank you Layla! Thank you Pat!
There doesn't seem to have been much time for making around here but I did finish this baby blanket for a customer yesterday. The baby was due yesterday so nothing like cutting it fine.
 Now whilst I was away this little parcel turned up from Jane at Teawagon Tales
 Some lovely pieces of sheeting to make some patchwork cushions. Thank you Jane!
Earlier in the year you may recall I posted a picture of the top of my fridge each week. I tried to keep it topped up with signs of spring and a growing number of tins and teapots.
 Well I'm not sure what happened, perhaps life took over but here is the fridge this week...
When there's nothing pretty there I tend to use it to dump the cardboard recycling before putting in the sack. Well, photographing my lazy habit shamed me into picking up some Stocks going cheap at the Co-op and I'm all inspired to keep tidy once more...
we shall see.
Promise to get back into the bloggy habit too. Welcome new followers. I've been amazed you've joined up even though I've not posted for ages - thank you!


  1. sounds a great adventure ;0)x love the floral photos too and those lovely vintage patchwork fabrics x looking forward to the parcel, thank you x

  2. I know just how you feel! I try to create pretty 'vignettes' of gorgeous bric-a-brac and flowers amongst my family chaos! x Sally

  3. Glad you had a great time in Amsterdam and enjoyed the concert.Your paddington blanket is simply gorgeous and I really love the fabric you received for some cushions.I want to get around to doing more patchwork but there seem to be so many other demands on my time at the moment... housework, garden etc!

  4. Mr Tintin's twin brings back great memories of riding around with great friends, singing along to Wham and Duran Duran- the suspension wasn't great and not much leg room in the back but we were having too much fun to complain! Ada :)

  5. Good to have you back! Amsterdam sounds fun - never been but would very much like to go. Love you paddington quilt, and that bundle of fabric is so pretty, the kind of stuff I am constantly looking for in my local charity shops but never find! Like you fridge-top flowers (is that a pink smeg fridge I spy...? Jealous!). The top of my fridge is a receptacle for everything i don't know where to put - I need to follow your example.

  6. What a lovely treat, looks like you had a great time :) Your fridge looks a bit like mine..... thanks for sharing & making me feel better!! x

  7. Your posts are always worth the wait....everything looked lovely!
    Especially from jane....

  8. Hi, just found your blog and will have fun having a nosey round.
    I had to comment... Co-op stocks. I bought some last Thursday and they were dead by Sunday! It was only because my daughters nearly cried with embarassment when I told them, that I didn't take them back, all dripping and dead in an old carrier bag! I hope yours last longer!

  9. Hello, mrs Teawagon told me I must pop by your blog so I have and she was right.
    I will enjoy catching up on all your tales.
    Emma (Oooh Betty) x

  10. This post did not show up on my reading list and I don't know why - the Blogger curse must still exist on my blog! How wonderful to have seen Tom Petty live. One of my friends had a Citroen Diane - oh, the fun we had in that car!
    Another friend at Uni also had one and she was such a bad one at reversing that we used to spend a lot of time in car parks unhooking her bumper from the car behind which she had crashed into!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. I love your fridge pics, they're mini still lifes. Nice blog x

  12. Hi lovely

    See we have more than animals and crafting in common as you have a pinky fridge too. What a fabulous idea topping it with different flowers like that looks so gorgeous. As for the cardboard - I guess same thing, different theme.

    I've been dreadful of late visiting any blogs, but just thought sod making the beds and doing any clearing up on my day off I'm off visiting blogs instead.



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