Monday, 17 February 2014

New Year, New Blogging

I'm back with apologies. My poor little blog has been a bit neglected whilst I've flirted elsewhere in the world of social media. Lured in by Instagram and the knowledge that 'everyone' is on Facebook I seem to have forgotten this little corner of my world.
So I'm kicking off with a day out...
This year has been a bit of a bummer so far. Starting with the Grandad in hospital, taking the Granny to visit and ending up with her in A&E after falling over on the ward! The boiler packed up last week and a expensive new beast is being fitted as I type. To top it all my old next door neighbour who we've looked after in the past and I've blogged about before sadly died last week.
None of these things were unexpected but have taken their toll!
So a day out was needed. My friend picked me up and we headed off to Sherborne...
She's a maker too so I knew she'd like Butterfly Bright.
Lots of bits and bobs to tempt us and I stocked up on some pastel ribbons for Spring projects. More of that to follow. (Yes, I have more than one post in mind).
Next we went in search of the main event. Through Instagram I'd heard about a newish place called Gathered and would you believe they were having a bit of an event.
We found them upstairs on Cheap Street in a lovely space...
Gathered sells lots of handmade and quirky products by lots of different makers.
I recognised these super bunnies straight away. The Vanilla Squirrel's finest were the centrepiece of a Valentine's table.

Lovely brooches by Pygmy Cloud
and a stunning chandelier!
I shall certainly be back for another visit.
And I shall try and get back to this little place a bit more often. Thank you people for hanging on in there. When I logged back in I was amazed people are still looking each day and I even gained a couple of followers! Welcome and best I give you something to read.
Happy Half Term


  1. Good to have you back ... and glad you had a nice, well deserved day out! M x

  2. I always think it's a bit difficult to 'get back in the saddle' when you've been away for a while but lovely to have you back x Jane

  3. Nice to see you back and look forward to reading more. :)

  4. Welcome back. I love the look of that place you found.

  5. Lots of lovely places in Sherborne to enjoy! Thank you for the lovely mention and link......gathered is such a welcome crafty addition to the town....sorry I missed you! X

  6. Lovely to see you again. Sorry that you have had a rough time recently. I have been thinking of you and hoping that the recent bad weather hasn't affected you. Best wishes, Pj x

  7. Lovely to see you back.
    Julie xxxxxx


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