Monday, 2 January 2012

Emily in the Lyme Light

Well it's drawing to a close. I mustn't complain as it's lovely to have a whole fortnight off but I do hate the last day of the holiday feelings. Last night I couldn't sleep. Not because I don't want  to go to work or love my job but because I'm a lazy old bones and being at home is easy peasy! So this afternoon we made an effort not to let the last day together slip away too quickly. We headed off to Lyme Regis as we realised we hadn't managed to get there to see the lights before Christmas and I had some new stock to deliver to Caroline.
 I love the pretty trees on the shops with decent size lights that show up - take note Dorchester!
And of course Emily Button came with us as she does now.
It was her first trip to the sea and she'd been wrapped up in a borrowed cardigan but still found it a bit nippy.
How she wished she had new snug long socks like smug Mrs Jam...
 She admired the houses and dreamt of living in this beautiful blue one.
And then in a flash the peace and tranquility of Emily's first trip to Lyme were dashed. The jammers spotted an amusement arcade.
The lure of the 2p machines beckoned and Emily was led astray. Led into the colourful neon world of gambling only to emerge a short while later with her pretty apron pocket £1 lighter. Poor Emily she's a lot to learn!
 After that we thought things couldn't get much worse, so chips it was!
Finally it was dark enough for a look at the lights. Loved the tree!
 But prefered it when they used to string loads of bulbs on wires across the street instead of the stars. Maybe I just don't like change!
As we headed back to the car I spotted Caroline had put my favourite Foxy Lady in the window of Ruby Rock Cake.
Now life will take over and posts will go back to being infrequent watch and see!


  1. I LOVE this post, your pics are wonderful. Went to Lyme Regis a couple of years ago but only for a quick visit, I'd love to linger there - and have a bag of chips on the seafront! You've made me feel hungry - now where are my Christmas leftovers?!

  2. Lovely post.Brings back memories for us.We went to Lyme Regis a couple of years back for our hols and enjoyed hunting for fossils on the shore.We had a fantastic holiday and the weather made it for us too.X

  3. Lovely post, lyme is such a lovely place. I have so enjoyed your posts and sharing your time over Christmas with you, so thank you, hope you have lots of happy days in the year ahead xx will see you soon I hope :-)
    Sophie x
    p.s I just love the picture of Emily button sat on the beach all alone!

  4. Lovely post. Note to self must take a trip to Lyme Regis this year!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  5. it all looks splendid (especially a cone of chips)
    lovely way to spend the last day of your hols. It's our last day today and I'm seriously stalling doing anything (my job today is taking the decorations down...boooo) and fighting the blues.
    fee x

  6. Lymeregis is somewhere I really want to visit. Great post x

  7. Perfect! We never made it to Lyme this hol despite promising ourselves we would. Glad you had a good time. Happy new year and catch up at Bridport later in the year! M x

  8. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Love your blog!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. what a wonderful day out, love all those pretty lights and deffo love the chips!
    reality is so tough...good luck
    love jooles x

  10. Brilliant - a gambler dolly! Lovely pics ...going to read a bit more (I have looked at that mancala game a few times and wondered what it was all about...?!)

  11. Visiting your blog has made me feel warm and glowy. Perfect for a winter's evening. I am happy to have 'met' you and wish you a very joyful new year.



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