Sunday, 1 January 2012

Post Christmas putting away

Today has been a tidying, DIYing kind of day. Fresh starts and all that? Finishing those jobs we started last year... more of that another day.
I've been finding homes for the little piles of presents that are scattered around the house and started to notice some themes cropping up.
I have reacquainted myself with jigsaws this Christmas! When I was little we always had a big puzzle 'on the go' over the holiday when my grandma (master of jigsaws) came to stay. It would even get carefully covered up with a tablecloth at mealtimes. Well both my sisters bought us jigsaws this year and funnily enough both with a vintagey theme.
Mr Jam was delighted to receive some notable moustaches from the youngest jammer. The whole Movember horror experience is never ever to be repeated!
 Some more prickly friends found their way into the youngest jammer's bedroom
 and I think January's going to be a bit of a making month. I've signed up for Annie's monthly make just to keep my making focused! See the link on the right if you fancy joining us.
There were lots of presents with a knitted theme. I am now the proud owner of a knitted Kitty Kaboodle necklace courtesy of my BIL and his wife. I didn't even know such a thing existed but it is just my favourite colours. I was slightly perturbed by the label that told me it was particularly suitable for people who 'struggle' with clasps. Do I look that old and doddery? Perhaps I've spent too much time around old people this holiday. Wednesday was a care home recky - what an eye opener (or closer depending how you look at it)!
 The slipper fairy paid us all a visit but sadly Mr Jam has had to return all 3, yes 3, pairs I've bought him on account of none of them fitting. I've told him that's it now choose your own!
And finally if anyone can offer any tips/tactics for this fabby looking game Mancala I'd be grateful!
Happy New Year readers


  1. I'd love to learn to play Mancala
    Love Jigsaws too
    Happy New Year
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. oooh, Westminster Abbey looks like a challenge!
    I too got new slippers - they make my feet hotter than the sun! I'm a big fan of a slipper (all yours are gorgeous!) and have a pinterest board dedicated to the love of them....
    happy days
    fee x

  3. I LOVE jigsaw puzzles, used to do loads when I was little, maybe I should start again? I got slippers too :-) xx

  4. Happy New Year, your going to have a busy time with all that making, the raffia looks fun, not seen that for a long time, I made a little raffia mat years and years even more years ago, have fun. Julie xxx

  5. Hi...just popped over via The Felt Fairy to say I am joining in the Monthly Make...hope to keep up with you through 2012...Happy New Year...

    Kirsti xx

  6. I used to live in Africa, where this game was very popular, I didn't know you could buy it here - I've forgotten the rules though! Must be online somewhere.


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