Thursday, 19 January 2012

Want to see my drawers?

No not those drawers!
My wardrobe drawers.
Firstly I must confess to a little habit of mine - the chazza run. Let me explain. A chazza run usually happens on one of my days off and involves me dashing from one charity shop to the next as quickly as I can. I'm a dab hand at scanning the rails, checking the china, sniffing the blankets... In fact I can do all ten of Dorchester's chazzas in an hour and get a coffee too.
so let me introduce you to a Christmas prezzie. This top was my present from Mr Jam which made me feel a bit bad as I didn't get him anything. However did he pay the White Stuff loads of dosh for it? No (and no he's not a shoplifter either). It was an impulse buy. Hanging on the rail outside Leonard Cheshire marked at £1!!! Yes just a one, no zeros at all.
I rather like it and when I let you take a peak in my drawers you'll see why. See I have a bit of a turquoisey blue thing going on...
... alongside the green habit...
...and just occasionally I let a smidge of pink and brown in.
So, now you're acquainted with my wardrobe you'll understand the chazza ecstasy I experienced a few weeks ago. I was doing my weekly chazza run. Popped into Feral Cat Care and the lady was cooing over a bag of donations. As I squeezed past (very small shop) she looked me up and down and asked if I'd like to see what she'd just been given. Well I found out what all the cooing was about. A bin bag full of gorgeous clothes from Boden, White Stuff, Monsoon etc. Best of all most of it matched my colour drawers and was my size. She told me I could take my pick at £3 an item! I did have a wicked thought about buying the lot and putting it on Ebay but that would not be in the chazza spirit. So I put a load by and headed for the cashpoint. This is what I bought...
So you see I wear green with turquoise, turquoise with brown, brown with a smidge of pink and pink with green. My wardrobe goes full circle! So a big thank you Mrs Donator whoever you are, you have very good taste. Just keep donating please!
Got a bit carried away with the clothes photographs. I love all the embelishments.
Today I went to Bridport to look at my blue surprise and was not disappointed. I have a half written blog post that the blue 'one' will fit into nicely but will keep you wondering for now...
So for today's bargain - a lovely green linen dress from the Scope shop in Bridport.
Bit chilly for today but got me thinking Spring thoughts so I bought some flowers and bulbs for my fridge.
 And today in the bathroom mirror I'm wearing green and pink (to match?).


  1. Wow i am so impressed (and a little jelous ;o) you really are a good chazza (is that right?!) shopper, i need tips please!
    lovely clothes and colours
    love jooles x

  2. Oooh, lovely chazza hauls there! I'm super jealous! Xx

  3. Wow you lucky thing ! Love all of it and you are very lucky having ten chazza shops near you. I only have two :(
    Sue x

  4. My goodness pretty lady, how darn cute are all your clothes. You are just too organised- I feeling so ashamed as I scan around my room. OOh your header is just scrumptious!

  5. Can I raid your drawers..I love your dress!

  6. You should see my wardrobe...looks like a jumble sale massacre!!! I am in awe of you colour co-ordinating skills and you shifty charity shop buys, lucky you! xx

  7. Oh boy, I LOVE that phrase "chazza run" I am So going to adopt that. We've got 9 here in my town, and I do just what you described when I get chance!
    We have v similar taste in clothes, i too have oodles of turquoise and green garments. Lots of colourful stripes too. I adore white stuff, shame it's so pricey and have never found any in my chazza shops. I've found quite a bit of fat face though!
    Loving your to pootle a bit!
    ps your comment on my blog about the cat food tin really made me laugh :o) xxxxxxxx

  8. oooh lovely lovely, well done!! It's worrying and vexing how some folk have more money than sense tho' ?!? I love your colour co-ordinated drawers (is it ok to say that out loud?)

  9. I only have 2 CS near where I work & they're not very good..... jealous of your fantastic finds! :)

  10. Oh Wow! We don't get anything like that here!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  11. What lovely buys. You obviously have a keen eye.I love how you colour coordinate your drawers.Those colours are my favourites too.It does make you wonder why the original owners part with such good stuff doesnt it?


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