Friday, 6 January 2012

A monthly make and a coffee van

Hello readers and my there have been a lot of you lately! Thank you for all your lovely comments. They are all read and appreciated and Emily Button's have been shared with the little jammers.
It's been a busy couple of days. The jammers are back to school and I'm enjoying two days off all to myself. Mostly I've been painting furniture interspursed with a bit of sewing and listening to my fabby new Tim Booth CD. 
I signed up for The Monthly Make over at Annie the Felt Fairy's blog - as if I needed an excuse to make. I think it should be a weekly make! Anyway here it is my first contribution...
 After deChristmasssing the living room I felt new cushions were in order as it was looking a bit naked and sorry for itself. So I made this bolster from a lovely vintage textured fabric with velvet ends.
 I'm loving these zingy colours at the moment and have got a bit of a thing for vintage plant fabrics too.
So a nice rectangular one with mustard bobble trim edges and backing and a round one with green bobbles too!
Trouble is I don't yet know what else I'll make this month. What if I submit the cushions then make better stuff? You can view everyone's monthly makes here on the Flickr page.
Too busy to stop for a coffee in cafe this week so my trustee little van Mister Magoo brought me one home without spilling a drop! I'm glad he lived up to his design spec of being able to carry a tray of eggs across a ploughed field safely, Mr Citroen would be proud. MM has been a top van this week. He hadn't been out for several weeks so I was delighted when he started without me needing to encourage him with swear words. He then drove nicely delivering furniture and picking up coffee which left me thinking he really should get out more...


  1. Love the cushions
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Love the cushions - and the new blog header!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. I agree those cushions are lovely!!!

  4. I would love a Mr magoo to rest my coffee on and take to fairs.....the cushions are very nice too I have a thing for green. Glad you've had a couple of days to yourself it's good to have the brain space sometimes, enjoy & have a lovely weekend x
    I really hope Arthur is able to stay x

  5. I am loving the new blog header.I keep toying with the idea of changing mine but I think marmalade wouldnt like it!
    Your cushions are lovelyX

  6. Oh don't they look lovely, I am such a fan of pom-pom trim.......and that green is insanely good.
    Nattie x

  7. Wow you've been very busy, I love the cushions they remind me of some curtains that use to hang in my mum's living room.
    Have a good week


  8. how wonderful your monthly makes ;0) love that fabric!! ...ive been catching up on your posts- love the one by the sea side ;0)xx

  9. Love the beautiful colours in the cushions. Thanks for your comment on my blog - I can't reply to you direct because you appear as a 'no reply blogger blah blah blah ...' Can you email me your email address to make it easier in future. Catch up soon. M x

  10. lovely cushion - and new (ish?) banner!
    nice to see you over at mine earlier (but don't let Cleggy catch you saying he may forget an anniversary...only I do that!!!)
    Happy making to you too
    fee x

  11. hiya, here in the U.S. you can get what's called a "battery tender"--a low voltage charger that you keep hooked to the battery, then un-tether to drive away. It never over charges the battery, but always keeps it in top charge. A friend told me about it after my hubby passed away, and I was not driving his 1965 Ford Falcon enough to keep it charged up. Now I can take it our for a spin any time--in fact, it's going around to the garage this morning for a quick (hopefully) service--oil change & check-over.
    Love your car collection. At one time we had four Falcons. One driver, one project and two parts cars!


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