Monday, 23 January 2012

The COD one!

Anyone for an old COD? That's chest of drawers to you!
Whenever I view auctions I always jot down abbreviations in my notebook. Hence, chests of drawers are affectionately known as CODs in our house. Anyway we decided we needed a bit of a revamp at my shop. Furniture had become a bit thin on the ground and to be honest it's the big items that pay my rent not cushions and lavender bags!
 So I sent Mr Jam off to the local auction under instruction to get us some cod. He dutifully came home with a van full and I seem to have been painting ever since.
Can you spot cheeky Little Jam in the photos of the shop!
big cod
little cod
middle sized cod
pine cod
and other assorted furniture!
This has meant I can dispense with the trestle tables that were taking up valuable space and be able to display my smalls on top of the cods.
I've also got a house full of beds at the moment so hope by the end of the week to have given the shop a complete makeover. The best news of all is that the centre now has heating - hurrah no more freezing whilst chatting to customers.
Just a sneaky peak for you of some of the vintage spring fabrics I've looked out of the loft for making later this week!

And the fridge is looking even more cheery now the daffs are out!
I loved all your chazza comments last week! Back with photos of 'the gorgeous new blue one' in a few days. It's arrived - oh and no it's definitely NOT a baby!...


  1. Love the COD makeovers! Those vintage fabrics are also fab!

  2. lovely COD's! no really they are lovely, i adore painted furniture.
    and those vintage fabrics are so pretty.
    love jooles x
    p.S i have a little giveaway happening over at mine if you fancy a peek!

  3. Love the Cods and the vintage fabric is wonderful.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  4. Fab makeovers - they look great. They vintage fabric is so lovely.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. OOoh I likey the one with the spangly all your paints and stuffs, one day I will pop into you little shoppie and have a good nosey I think!
    nattie x

  6. Love the cod's, where is your shop? would love to come and say hello one day. And as for the fabrics, I wish I had an attic like yours, mines just full of spiders xx

  7. The makeovers of the COD's are lovely.They have been totally transformed.The fabrics are something else, arent they beautiful?

  8. The COD's are good, we have two CODs in our house, one has glass knobs in all different colours, I love it. The fabric just gorgeous and the daffys. Julie

  9. This was so fun to see all these COD'S , I have never heard them called this before....Love your flowers they look so fresh with the promise of Spring behind them!!


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