Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas Post II

Just a week before Christmas it was the youngest jammer's 6th birthday. Our kids are great at not really wanting anything in particular for Christmas and birthdays. We never get long lists of wants - thank goodness! When we ask them what they'd like the answer is usually "a surprise"! However a while before her birthday Little Jam did spot this rather lovely doll in M&S. We made a mental note and came home to order it. Unfortunately it was out of stock online so off I trekked to my local (tiny) M&S to see if they had one. No luck, it appeared Emily Button as she's known had sold out across the country. Just our luck! My kids have never wanted the toy of the year but all of a sudden I had to have one. A picture was printed and posted in my staffroom at work. 'Please look out for an Emily Button on your Christmas shopping trips'. The following Monday a lovely colleague produced Emily from her bag. She was cooed over and her ric rac hair admired. How I'd love hair like Emily's! I hoped the youngest jammer would be as thrilled as I was...
Luckily she was so that meant I could get Emily's friends for Christmas (for LJ not me you understand). A kind Auntie bought her a spare set of clothes - school uniform says LJ. Wish school uniforms really were as nice! All she needed now was a cosy pair of PJs to snuggle down with and that was my job last night. 
Oh and Emily is back in stock at M&S, wouldn't you know it!


  1. Ooh just need Emily and her friends, love her PJs. Julie xxx

  2. The dolly is gorgeous!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Emily is gorgeous..glad you managed to get her.Happy new year, Anne X

  4. awww bless!! my sister bought the set for my daughter...they are so beautiful!!!! bet your girlies love them x happy 2012 x

  5. Oh so cute :o)
    wishing you a wonderful new year with all that you wish for
    love jooles xxx

  6. Little Jam and Emily are thrilled to have received so many admiring comments! Thank you x

  7. sweet.Happy New Year to you and all the jammers, with sparkles and happiness.
    nattie x

  8. Sending you New Year Wishes for Health, Happiness, Success and creativity for 2012 xx


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