Sunday, 4 December 2011

Love is... IV

...coming 'home' to Fordington.

Late this afternoon we went back to where we used to live, Fordington. Not far away at all, 5 minutes walk really but it feels like another part of town and probably is where my heart is. (I must stop or Mr Jam will be worried I'm getting itchy feet again.)
The reason? Our annual visit to church for the Christingle Service. I'm not religious at all but there is something quite special about the children, the candles, the carols...

 Today I've paid a couple of visits to the hospital as an elderly friend is very poorly. She is religious so I told her all about it this evening and hoped she could hear me.


  1. Such a lovely post, I know what you mean about the candle lit service, The last photo is soooo lovely of your girls x

  2. delightfully lovely blog post, been catching up on older posts- love the vintage -blissful- creations and the fabrics ;0)x im now a follower x


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