Monday, 12 December 2011

Love is... small measures

Or perhaps that should read 'Love is feeling smug'!
 Yesterday I surprised myself with my organisation. I made some mini versions of my Christmas stockings to give as party bags at Little Jam's birthday NEXT WEEKEND. Yes, I have been known on several occasions to be making party bags whilst the guests arrive and once assembled them upstairs with the party going on downstairs.
Granted I have nothing to go in them yet but I have set myself a challenge. No plastic tat!!
I'm thinking an orange, some chocolate coins, possibly bubbles (although plastic container) and a homemade tree decoration (if I can keep up the momentum). Any more ideas?


  1. Sorry it's been an age since I stopped by, which seems really rude after all your lovely comments.

    Can't believe the mammoth task you've set yourself making party bags from scratch, they look wonderful. Hope the party goes well and you get to take part, not sit and stitch.


  2. Oh my goodness lucky girls and boys, they are lovely. :-0 hope she has a lovely party x

  3. Well done you, they're fabulous, please can I come to the party???? A candy cane sticking out of the top would be nice, lucey x

  4. Just caught up with all your recent posts. You are a Supermum, making all those lovely stockings right before Christmas. My little man had a little bag of bird seed in a party bag recently and loved putting it out for the birds and then waiting to see if they would eat it! Mind you, he also had a bag of rabbit droppings (choccy raisins) which he he thought was hilarious, but then that's boys for you!! M x


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