Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Christmas post

This was my run up to Christmas. 24 photos capturing a 'Love is...' moment each day. I thought I'd throw them all together and see what my month looked like!
 But now it's been and gone. After all that build up the big day is over and I've looked back through my photos to see what to post. However they are mostly taken up with my gorgeous new niece who isn't mine to share with you online! This little one is though. As you can see she spent most of the time wearing different hats in different ways
Whereas our Eldest Jammer loved the hat Santa left in her stocking so much she wore it all day and again all day Boxing Day! I can't believe how grown up she is looking all of a sudden.
 Baby niece did seem to appreciate her blankety bunny though.

Now us Jammers are all vegetarian which usually makes for good perusal of recipes as we decide what to have for Christmas lunch. It's always something that can just replace the meat and go alongside the roast potatoes and veggies. This year we had an old favourite from the Vegetarian Good Food magazine from 2007 - Forester's Pie. The most amazing thing was that my dad who is a bit of a meatatarian thought it smelt so good he'd better have some alongside his turkey (and other assorted creatures that adorned his plate) - ha victory!!!
What did you eat I wonder?


  1. Lovely pix! That pie looks good. We had pie on xmas day too.. except ours did contain meat! Bloomin delicious it was too! xx

  2. Love the photos!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Genealogy is fascinating and so much better to quiz the older relatives to find out what they remember and then try and prove or disprove what they tell you. I am now at the stage where I need to start sending for certificates to get further and it will be expensive which I am putting off for a bit longer.Watch this space though!

  3. Hi Ellie

    Apologies first as I feel really rude not having been by of late, but just loving getting all your wonderful comments and not returning - so rude blogger - you can virtually slap me on the hand if you want.

    All your christmas shots and preparations look so beautiful. See you have the daft deer from Daniella, I think I'll keep them up all year round as the colours are so lovely.

    About the River Veg book. We got it in Sainsburys where it was £12, might be cheaper than elsewhere. I forget there are other veggies out there as we are a real minority here in Norfolk, their idea of a great day out is watching a pig spin over a fire. they seemed shocked that the girls have never been in a McDonalds or eaten animals. So I might share some of our veggie makes on the blog as it's the only way I've ever known how to cook, never bought meat or cooked it at all. My parents go veggie for christmas to keep us happy too.

    Right off I go X

  4. Your pie looks delicious. I shall now look up how to make it. Love is - reading the blogs of others who have similar interests.
    Love from Mum


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