Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Love is... a handful of jewels

For weeks I have pondered the gorgeous Cox & Cox catalogue sat by my bed. I have played around with the copious amount of goodies sat in my online basket trying to make them look less (cheaper). I have tried to make the 25% off sound as reasonable as possible. Then all of a sudden I'd missed it. I went out on Friday night and clean forgot that was when the offer expired. So what did I do on Saturday but log on and find my most favourite decorations had 30% off! So out of my basket went all the unnecessaries and I quickly checked out before I changed my mind again.
 Today this handful of jewel like nuggets arrived. 24 of them packaged beautifully in their own little compartments but I wanted to see their colours together so they didn't stay neat and tidy for long!
I was so keen to get these pretty birds on the tree I forgot to photograph them all together but you get six in a set.
The tree is looking lovely but unfortunately is decidedly unphotogenic today with the last customer order before Christmas stacked up next to it - yes another bedstead! Once the bed has been delivered I'll try and get a picture of the whole tree.
Thanks for your lovely comments about our tree digging expedition by the way. I'm hoping we dug enough root to be able to use it next year but if not then yes, it may well become a tradition and a jolly nice one too.


  1. Wow what a bargain! and sooooooo beautiful too, i am in love with your little birds..i see percy pecker and bertie blue there , may have to have a little look for myself!
    wishing you peace, love and joy this christmas time
    love jooles xxx

  2. I have those little birds nesting in my tree but the robin seems to have flown the nest somehow, they look so cute and settled in your tree. Merry Christmas Julie xx


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