Monday, 29 October 2012

Friends, finds and fridges

 This week is half term, at last! Today the little jammers and I had a lovely catch up with friends at a play place. The littlies tore around like mad things whilst I caught up with my friend.
 A good friend, the kind that doesn't mind if you whip a bit of sewing out of your handbag!
 So whilst we nattered, drank coffee and nattered some more I finished off my vintage sheet coathangers.
I needed to restock after Bridport Vintage Fair last weekend. Lots of my new carrier bags went off to new homes full of vintage and handmade goodies. I can never predict what will sell but this time the best seller was coloured glass.
I was reasonably restrained on the buying front but I have a weakness for rusty old tins. Don't you?
I couldn't resist the colour of this one.
 The budgies will look great in the kitchen so had to come home too.
 Those of you who've been popping in here for a while will know I started the year with good intentions to photograph what was on top of my fridge each week.
Partly to keep it tidy and also to make sure I stocked up on flowers and bulbs from time to time. The fridge is a pink beast and sadly this is the last pink on the fridge shot...
Little pink has been replaced by the big cream brother. She can't complain she was only bought secondhand as a stop gap when we moved house and really we needed a freezer too. The world of Ebay introduced us to big cream last week and so little pink will pootle off with a courier tomorrow to a new home.


  1. Lovely things on this post! I've got a Tardis, a great big blue smeg, it's very old now, 15years, maybe more, really past it's best, not everlasting like Dr Who's! We really want another one, I'd love a pink but Mr Bea prefers cream, it will depend if I win on the vintage wallpaper in the kitchen ( and the pink flowery M and S wallpaper I've brought for the bedroom!). I'll let you know! Ada :)

  2. Loving the smeg fridges! I would love one but we have a fully fitted kitchen with all the appliances behind doors so you wouldnt be able to see it anyway.
    The carrier bags look fab too!

  3. Oh I've always wanted a "smeg" and yours are goreous, Lucey x

  4. Oh, two gorgeous smeg fridges side by's just too much!! No wonder you wanted to style up the top of your fridge with some pretty flowers...I would if I had one.

  5. Happpy New Fridge, but I would be a bit sad to see the old one go! xx

  6. Ooh I have just stumbled across your gorgeous blog and I'm so very glad I did! Loving the budgie tin and the lovely images of the top of your fridge. Loving the fridges, old and new!
    Victoria xx

  7. Sad to see the pink lady go, but I agree that the big boy packs more punch. Having had a Smeg for years I personally think they look a great design on the outside, but are beyond c****y inside where everything breaks. Because mine is pink, fat and cuddly I forgive her.

    Loving your makes, you busy bee. X

  8. Love your coat hangers they look gorgeous! ..... Oh and that budgie tin is amazing...... Ooh and your fridges..... Love it all! Lovely post x

  9. Goodbye little pink :) Well done for selling lots! x

  10. Brilliant coat hangers, your projects are always so neatly carried out and well presented. I have project envy!

  11. Just playing blog catch up ... love your fridges, your coat hangers and sachets, your beautifully covered suitcases, amazing pumpkins ... M x


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