Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My lovely old old house part III

Thank you for all your lovely comments about my old kitchen and old house. I promised to take you upstairs so here we go...
The main bedroom hadn't been used for years. The house had been rented and the owner stored her stuff in here. We didn't really see it or how huge it was until we got the keys to the house. Much stripping of floorboards, doors and wallpaper followed. We uncovered a pretty Georgian hob fireplace that had been boarded up and some nice pigeon skeletons!
Anyway here it is looking lighter and brighter.
The same treatment followed in the rest of the rooms. T
his was to be my first born's bedroom!!
 With Cooking Apple Green walls and curtains made from eiderdown covers, it became my favourite bedroom.
The first landing and a peak into the other rooms.
 You will see my love of old beds started quite some time ago.
So there you go, my tardis cottage!


  1. It's so beautiful ... how could you bear to leave?

    Love the before and after pictures, lovely palette of colours.

    Claire xxx

  2. Gorgeous! The munchkin chose cooking apple green for his playroom walls. Classy children, eh?!
    Hen x

  3. Your house is so beautiful
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. Ellie, it beautiful. You made it so homely! Yes, just like a tardis, our first home was a Victorian terraced villa, it was massive inside, surprised everyone on their first visit! Ada :)

  5. Beautiful! You and your husband put a lot of work into turning the neglected house into a lovely home. Best wishes, Pj x

  6. What a lovely home! I love those old beds - wish I could find some, my old patchwork quilts and eiderdowns would look fab on them. Mrs RV x

  7. You really did make it lovely! The nursery looks like such a pretty, peaceful room. It must've been hard to leave it. x

  8. What a lovely house following your wonderful transformation. It must have been hard to leave it.

  9. So beautiful and so much character.... What a snugly lovely homely home x

  10. What a gorgeous home you created, Ellie! I loved seeing these pictures, the old cottage looks so peaceful and homely and I love your paint choices and decorative touches.
    Helen x

  11. What a beautiful home, it's so lovely and looks like is would be a really relaxing place to live x

  12. love it, this reminds me of our house when we bought it, the wallpaper, and old fire places, we peeled layers and layers of both off to get to the beautiful original bits underneath!


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