Friday, 23 November 2012

The big smoke and more bags

I've been away longer than I anticipated and I'm going to blame it on the weather! After all, what's a making post without any photos? Well today I looked at the forecast for tomorrow (rain all day) and decided the photoshoot would have to be an indoor gloomy affair. So apologies for the images.
After all your positive feedback on my winter bags I decided to whip up some more. They've taken a while but here they are...
Another in the lovely alpine fabric because I kept the first and have taken your advice and used it every day! Of course you were right, it's not too early, I just wasn't feeling Christmassy - see I've said it now. Anyway that weather forecast is mentioning snow next week.
a lilac barkcloth beauty
 really old cowboys
 and mid century magic.
I'm going to pop them in my Etsy shop for the time being then take them to Mrs Darling's Christmas Fayre next Saturday and see how they go down.
Earlier this week I got a rare day to myself in London. Reading her blog I narrowly missed Vintage Jane and my evening photos are going to look very similar to hers!
This market was shut but I had to get a photo of the semi 2CV.
A visit to the Tate to see the Pre Raphaelites topped off a lovely day.
Back soon with loads more making ready for next weekend.
Just hope the sun shines on Sunday as promised.


  1. Hello!
    Your bags are truly divine....and the coat underneath is adorable! where is that treasure from?
    Do tell?
    Bestest to you and yours
    daisy J

  2. Gorgeous bags, I particularly love that divine lilac bark cloth and the mid century magic, such beautiful fabrics!
    Victoria xx

  3. Those bags are fantastic! I love the range of fabrics you've used and the contrasting colours for the side and bottom. Really nice. I hope you enjoyed your day in London - I went to that same exhibition at the Tate Britain about a month ago and thought it was fantastic (if a little crowded!). x

  4. Love the night photos - fab! Really like the cowboy bag!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. They are lovely bags! Really love the alpine fabric! :)

  6. Love your bags Ellie!!!! x the fabrics are fab!
    Sooo happy you found the book in the 'Works' book shop...i was abit happy skippy when i saw them in there! thought it was old released books that went into the wroks...but new copies find there way there too- more the better for us for saving some money!x

  7. Wonderful bags..the fabrics you have chosen are lovely
    Thea x

  8. I'm in London right now! Isnt it divine?? Your bags are gorgeous btw.. I will be checking out your etsy store!!

  9. Fabulous fabric Ellie, what great finds. Glad you kept a bag just for you as you'd have kicked yourself if you hadn't.

    Thanks for your hello to Millie, she was thrilled. X

  10. I love your bags ... they will fly out of your shop and off your stall I'm sure. It would have been funny if we had bumped into each other underneath the London Eye ... ! M x


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