Saturday, 29 December 2012

Spring cleaning the shop

Today I deChristmassed my stock at Custard Hall and looking through the sales book I realised this lucky lot all found new homes for Christmas. Even,you will note, grumpy panda! Panda was bought by a lady who had one as a child but her mother had removed the eyes??? Now she has one with eyes, if a little on the cross side.
 All that is, apart from PJ Puppy and Kangaroo who were sat on the shelf feeling a bit sorry for themselves!
Whilst all has been going brilliantly at Custard Hall I've somewhat neglected my unit at De Danann Antique Centre. This is where my beds are on display and will be a showroom for larger items. Yesterday it had a huge tidy and declutter and today I returned with polish and hoover in tow!
 I've got a bookcase and chest of drawers in the hallway just waiting for a makeover and then they will be heading here in the new year.
 You can view beds and the like at our website


  1. You have been busy, love the web site, I'm thinking of going on face book next year, but not sure yet! :) x

  2. You have been busy indeed! The beds look fantastic, I have always loved your cast iron beds.

    Gillian x

  3. I love the grumpy panda, the beds are beautiful, where do you source your stock, it's great x

  4. Gorgeous furry friends ... favourite is grumpy panda too - all look very well loved.

  5. your unit looks so fabulous. I would love a unit somewhere one day, if only for somewhere to store my treasure! haha!

  6. hi Ellie.......I'm so impressed with all this work.....I'm afraid you'll have to make a little space for your new squirrel order which is ready for delivery.....I'm rather sorry its finished as I now have to do a bit of new year sorting and polishing myself!!so happy all those darling toys were rehoused/ adopted for Christmas.........happy new year x

  7. It all looks lovely, a place I would love to visit-maybe one day!! Happy New Year!


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