Monday, 10 December 2012

Giant Flea and Christmas Critters

This lovely toy elephant is just one of a big bagful of critters that came home with me from the Giant Flea Market on Sunday.
They were in a bit of a sorry state but after some stuffing, sewing and prettifying they are ready for new homes for Christmas.
Let me introduce you...

Which one would you choose?
I struggled to leave this lot alone. I collect, amongst too many other things, Kleen Kitchenware in green. But this was red so had to stay behind. I was saving my pennies for suitcases, toys and tins.
This was another tempting stall but too pricey to sell on.
Love these old playpens.
Yet more tins. You can never have enough tins...
...practical and pretty.
PS Giveaway in a day or two I promise!


  1. Ellie, I love the grey Bunny the best!
    I have mine in the attic, its exactly the same, now I am going to get him down to be nice to him and treat him to a lovely ribbon like yours
    bestest again!
    D x

  2. Oh my word I'm in love they are all beautiful (well maybe not angry panda lol). The velvet rabbit is my fave too he is very similar to one I had as a little one. xx

  3. I love the velvet rabbit too! They are all pretty cute though and I'm sure I would find it hard parting with any of them!

  4. relieved you saved them all........phew! Can't bear to see neglected toys..........I'm loving the elephant and velveteen rabbit but have a kinda soft spot for that panda'd feel a bit naffed off if you'd been neglected too.......he just needs some love:-) x

  5. They all look like they've had their fur loved off in their past lives, but hopefully will be lived again. I like them all but the velvet rabbit s my favourite I think? I love the red kitchenware, I wouldn't be been able to walk away from it,

    Love Claire xxx

  6. Ooh they're so cute. Can't choose a fave, is the last one really a roo? We were at Shepton too, saw and ogled those very same things! Funnily enough, I also bought my first piece of green Kleenware from Bridders on Saturday, an old milk jug. Would love to see your collection, pretty please...
    Hen xxx

  7. Hello again,
    Will look back at the photos in search of Kleenware! There was some more in Bridders if you're tempted! The munch must have been with my dad when you saw him, they talk football constantly.
    Hen x

  8. Hello Ellie
    They are all so well loved and all so sweet
    I love the big Ted (cuddled untill threadbare)
    Thea x

  9. Am rather taken with Velvet Rabbit - can imagine how snuggly he'd be :)

    Looks a great fair - love the fact that the playpen my parents used for me is now classed as vintage!!

  10. Oh how sweet are those stuffed toys. I can imagine that once upon a time there were loved and cuddled and I am so glad that you have rescued them from goodness knows what fate!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. Those are all so a lot to look through and drool over.....Heidi

  12. Think I might need to start a tin collection.....please stop putting ideas in my head! :)

  13. So many good things here. I love your rescued stuffed toys. It's rather lovely to thing that, after you've cleaned and mended them, they will be loved by more children. x

  14. Lovely finds. How could anyone throw away such beautiful toys! I hope you find good homes for them. Thank you so much for my lovely gifts; you are really spoiling me! :) Best wishes, Pj x


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