Monday, 19 August 2013

Itty this and bitty that

Time is flying
Time to pack for a train ride
(Can you guess what I'll be making? Answer at the bottom of the post!)
Time for three of us to sew on the journey
A big day out courtesy of the train offer
The littlest jammer's first trip to London
 Back in Dorset
Café time whilst the Granny visits the Grandad in hospital.
Time for sisters to visit, and cousins and friends
 Been filling our days with bits and bobs
 and evenings with sewing
and messing around with this Instagram thingy
(I'm jellyjamellie if you want to take a peak)
 I can feel the holidays galloping away.
Once we've got past the half way mark there's no going back.
Work is beckoning
Luring me back
But still a bit of time left for the other makes and days out on my list.
Hope you're all having a lovely summer


  1. Summer really is flying past fastly. Good to see you having fun and doing things you love to do. Lovely photos, dee x

  2. you have had some lovely summer hol trips, i do miss london i lived there for quite a few years and miss the museums like the natural history one~ always a lot to see and do. loving your makes as always and the pretty fabrics used ;0)xx p.s im kazzyloves on instagram x

  3. You have been one seriously busy lady. how did you manage the energy to do all that sewing after such busy days? it looks like you are all having a great summer holiday, busy making memories.
    Rosie xx

  4. The Summer is flying by and were loving it! Looks like you're having fun too....:) x

  5. The first trip to London is such a special one.
    Lisa x

  6. Hi,Time sure is flying by quickly!!!Next month is Spring down here in my corner of the world!!!Sadly we haven't really had a good winter!!!We are really hoping for a good rainy season!!!It's very dry here!!!Have a great day!!!

  7. This post took me back! I remember visiting London with my two boys when they were younger and they were fascinated by the dinosaurs at the Natural history museum.Actually I was too. I havent been to London for a few years but its a special place, jaw dropping sights that you normally only see on TV.Hope the girls have enjoyed their summer holiday break!

  8. Looks like you had a great time. Fantastic bag with the roses!

  9. Summer fun indeedy. Glad you've been making the most of it. We've just had a trip to London too ...
    M x

  10. Hi Ellie

    Don't say time is rushing by please, I always bury my head in the sand about the thought of the end of magical summer days. Mind you I got depressed about it all two weeks ago when my summer of endless lazy days was over, even though the girls still have time. Anyways you look like you're packing it in properly to have some great memories for winter days. Hope they enjoyed the London trip.

    Like you I've been trying IG, as lovely as it is I find it all a bit overwhelming having so much more information to fly at me and make me feel even more lacking if you know what I mean.
    Lisa X


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