Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Emily's Hot Date

This weekend saw a visit from my sister and her boyfriend from Holland. We had a day out in Wimborne St Giles at The Great Dorset Chilli Festival!
Lots of interesting vehicles selling food.

Of course Emily Button came too, but didn't look too sure about the battered chillies.
We watched Matt Follas make a chilli dish and my little jammers dashed to the front to try it!
The festival was set in the grounds of Wimborne St Giles House. A stunning house, currently being restored.
Want to see what's through this gate?
Possibly the loveliest stable block I've ever seen
Like their mother the little jammers like to peer through broken windows and explore disused buildings!
Sadly no tea rooms any more
but we headed off and found
the horses from the stable block
and luckily there were some Polos in my bag!
 Back soon with some makes to share!


  1. Hi There, What a lovely outing and the buildings are stunning!!!I haven't seen an ice-cream car like that since I was a little girl!!!!
    Beautiful!!!And it's pink too!!!Have a great week!!!

    1. Ooh love all things chilli, particularly chilli jelly jam (chelly) ... Looks like a fab day out!

      That tea room sign should have been taken away and rescued by you ... I'm sure you could have found somewhere to put it ...

      Love Claire xxx

  2. I love chillis too. The hotter the dish the better for me, sadly I cant add too many to anything I cook as Tony cant stand things too spicy.

  3. What a beautiful building :) x

  4. Wow.... I didn't know Dorset had. Chilli festival! The building is beautiful x

  5. What a gorgeous place, will have to visit next time I'm in beautiful Dorset ~ Sarah x

  6. You had a really lovely day out
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  7. hello! in lyme regis for a day out yesterday with my daughter i bought one of your lovely lavendar pillows! very excited! i also got to meet ruby rock cake! :)

  8. What a beautiful place. Love the horses!

  9. Lovely day out Ellie, that house looks fab! :) x

  10. Yes, the stable yard is magical, and I loved your photo of the horses too.


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