Friday, 30 August 2013

Summer making

Well I think this will be last post of the holidays. I know there haven't been many but that must be the sign of a sunny or productive holiday - for once both.
Work is looming. A 9am test run today before real life resumes on Monday.
So besides enjoying lovely SUNNY Dorset what've I been doing?
Well making stuff mainly.

My top make has to be my 'Garden Birds' suitcase
I love making these and feel so on trend with birdies it's hardly me at all.
 A few suitcases have found themselves new homes or holidays this summer so I topped up with a couple of wallpapered ones too...
This one badly photographed by me in the late sun because I couldn't wait
and this one photographed rather nicely by my eldest jammer!
There have been a few bags thrown in there
  but I had a sudden urge to use up small pieces of fabric with 'Back to School' pencil cases.
 Funny how they all seem to be made in my favourite colours...
 The dresser I display my stock on at Custard Hall sold last week which was a bit of a surprise as I'd forgotten there was a price tag on it. I had visions of my stock in a heap on the floor but luckily I bought this one from a neighbour.
Some Annie Sloan French Grey and lovely new handles from Shy Violet and it was ready to go.
Now I'm just throwing in a couple of gratuitous shots of sunny Dorset because looking at all your holiday snaps I realise how lucky I am to live here.

Off for a last weekend trip to London again tomorrow whilst the train is SO cheap and favourite friends visiting on Sunday. 
Enjoy your last few days of Summer holidays.


  1. Those cases are very inspirational Ellie, I have a couple knocking around, thin it'll have to give it a go ...

    Love the pencil cases, especially the one with the little deer on it.

    I love Dorset too ...

    Have a fab weekend

    Love Claire xxx

  2. I bought a couple of old suitcases to play with today... have a lovely weekend. Cx

  3. Very clever ! You always make gorgeous things, very creative. I love the pencil cases too, my mum always made me fabric pencil cases of whatever fabric she had left from the alterations she took in.

  4. Love all your makes Ellie....have a great time! :) x

  5. Love your Pencil cases,I have been having a go,but still having trouble getting the zips just right,yours look great.

  6. Wonderful, what you made. The pencil cases are great, I will make me one. Good Idea.


  7. Such lovely suitcases!!!It makes you just wanna pack and go somewhere,anywhere!!!Have a great week!!!

  8. Hello, i´m a follower of your blog and i have the Ducklin pillow i love it, perfect for my decoration :)
    Just love to see your post´s, the decoration is very vintage and soft, you are an artist :) ...
    If you like to visit my new blog is it will be very nice and if you like just leave me a comment :)

  9. I love your suitcases. What a lovely idea.


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