Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well I mustn't complain, I did ask for it - snow, snow, snow!
Much to their delight, the Jammers have both had plenty of the white stuff on their 5th and 10th birthdays.
Well the last bed delivery of the year has been made - only just. Our poor van gave up as it approached home and had to be pushed up to the house! I received a lovely dried bouquet from the appreciative customer and I hope her daughter enjoys her Christmas bed. She was one of our first customers when we started selling beds and has now grown up and part exchanged for a double!

A new tree has been purchased after the last gave up after 6 years! Part of me was quite glad as it had grown into rather an odd and sparse shape. This one is much better!

I'll finish with this Very Snowy Caterpillar we encountered on the field at the back of our house. Unfortunately we can't take the credit for him or the super tall snowman but we did enjoy them.

Have a lovely Christmas whatever you are doing! xx


  1. Hi there, hope you and the jammers have had a fab time over Xmas. Lizzie x

  2. Thank you for your blog comment Ellie, see you soon! Lizzie x

  3. Fantastic snow picture, we had it just as deep in Warwick! Happy New Year!


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