Monday, 4 March 2013

Emily Button in Haberdashery Heaven and a new coat

Emily Button has a fine new coat and wanted to show you. Can you guess what she's stood in front of?
Peter Wilson's golden postbox in Sherborne Dorset.
 Emily had been looking for an opportunity to show off her newest item of clothing so took the opportunity to accompany the granny on a hosital visiting session.
Do you like her wool coat? - green of course! It's been much admired by her friends Vanilla and Dolly. They're a little green eyed at the moment.
Emily's a pretty smart doll and knew a trip to Sherborne meant a trip to Butterfly Bright; home of her favourite thing - buttons!
Emily in button heaven.
Emily spotted the ricrac and wondered if she'd walked into the hairdressers by mistake.
Extensions Emily? Change of colour?
Emily picked up a few buttons and trims to take home in the hope that if she leaves them out, like the Shoemaker did in the story, the Elves will transform them into more coats for her friends during the night. She knows that's when most sewing takes place round here.
Now all that shopping meant one thing - cake!
Another trip to The lovely Bakery Cafe but the wooden cake just didn't cut it.
Bring on the Rocky Road!
PS Today the grandad came home. I think we'll miss the trips to BB and the cafe but not the hospital! 


  1. I think I might need to go on a shopping trip with Emily! :) x

  2. Also, I think I might need to have ric rac hair too! :) x

  3. Emily's coat is splendid. And those jars of buttons!!! Can I come shopping too please?

    Gillian x

  4. I'm wondering what will happen if I leave a few buttons out tonight - sad truth is Jessie dog will probably eat them. Oh well ...! x Jane

  5. ...on squirrel home territory and all my favourite places too!!!sorry to have missed you but love emily's gorgeous new coat x

  6. Such beautiful photos!!!!

  7. She is adorable. I love her rick-rack hair.
    She makes me smile :)
    Connie :)

  8. What a lovely new coat and great to see a gold post box! x

  9. I am rather jealous of Emily's coat - I'd love one just the same :)

  10. What a lovely coat ... I could do with one like that!
    I finally made it to Custard Hall on Saturday whilst on a quick dash through Dorch. Your corner looks lovely - I was very tempted by the gorgeous little scooter you had there, but I'm afraid we ended up buying a fan for John's office from downstairs. I will be back though! Hope you sell lots for Mothers Day.
    Are you coming tho the textile fair at North Cadbury? Should be good ...
    M x

  11. Glad Emily enjoyed her trip shopping, her coat is divine - I must get to Sherborne soon.x Julie

  12. i love her coat, very sweet x glad gramps is home x

  13. Hi I wish that every little girl could have an Emily!!! An Emily that could go everywhere with them!!! An Emily that would be their best friend always!!!!

  14. so so pretty!
    I think Emily may need a little hat and scarf? these spring mornings can still be a little fresh......

    bestest from

    Daisy j

  15. oh wow that does look like haberdashery heaven!

    Nikki x

  16. Where did you get that coat from ? It is Beautiful

    1. I made it! Thank you very much. Now all the dollies want one...


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