Thursday, 4 April 2013

Making for others

Not only were the last ten days busy with making stock but I've been making for others too - oh and something for me!
After posting off the umpteenth tote bag I decided I needed one too only a bit bigger for all my clobber. I bought the most amazing barkcloth curtains at the Vintage Bazaar's Rag & Rummage a few weeks ago and knew they were destined to be turned into a bag for me.
Whilst I was making it a friend turned up who'd bought a tote the week before. She wanted something similar to contain a Cath Kidston picnic set for a colleague who was leaving... well this was just perfect. So I made two identical ones and my bag is waiting to bump into it's twin around town!
Another leaving present was for my boss. I'd not done a suitcase for a while but now I've remembered what fun it is I shall attack the stack of six in my bedroom over the holidays!
 Sorry the pictures are a bit rubbishy. The colours are actually really vivid but I took these before I wrapped it late at night! 
Yesterday one of my FB 'likers' came to Custard Hall. She had ordered this koala and monkey cushion for her daughter who's travelling in Australia.
 Hope she likes it on her return!
Finally for my little neice...
 Easter bunny tops made from vintage sheets!
Now I've got my eldest hankering after a vintage sheet tote bag, Vanilla wants a coat like Emily's and Emily Button wants a scooter (gulp).... that's a day or two taken care of!


  1. I adore your bag . . . great for a big shopping spree :) bark cloth is nice a sturdy and the color and pattern in perfect . . .A+
    Have a great weekend.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)
    P.S. if you haven't visited come over and get your name in the hat for a $25 gift card give-a-way.

  2. You shouldn't be so talented, people wouldn't make demands on you then! Your suitcase looks lovely, I need to finish the inside of mine, hopefully over the weekend. Then I have another smaller one to do! Love those zingy greens, great tote bags! :) x

  3. Hello , only just getting around to visiting my blog list, I havent had a minute this week! Hope you are well. Love the large bags, you are so clever and that material is fab.Also loving the koala and monkey cushion!

  4. I really love the tote bags - just the right size and lovely colours.

  5. What a super talent you are. I love that bag.
    FYI - just in case you were wondering why I don't seem to have posted in a while I have but Blogger is not updating reading lists etc. Very frustrating.

  6. Love the tote, is it your own pattern? Rowen@Coastal Colours x

  7. Hi There, What a super shopper bag and the fabric is just gorgeous!! Love the flower button rozette!! Do you have a tutorial for that??!! Have a happy creative holiday!!!!!

  8. Wow you have been a very busy lady. i wish I had the same amount of energy! I love your vintage tote. the colours are gorgeous. And the suitcase too. It reminds me of reading all those ladybird books at school!
    Rosie xx

  9. I am in love with this tote of yours....the fabric is specatular! Enjoy your weekend my friend. xoxo

  10. Your makes are all lovely. I especially like the tote bag in the first photo.
    M xxx

  11. Absolutely love your bag. Amazing fabric.

  12. Such gorgeous makes! I love your bag, the pattern and colour are fabulous. And well done for making something for yourself, you make so much for others! x


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