Monday, 8 April 2013

Two cases

Forgive me if I'm getting boring but I'm in a bit of a suitcase groove...
After the school one I kept looking at the stack of six waiting patiently in my bedroom. Then I sold two this month and that was enough I had a taste for pasting again. I couldn't be patient any longer. I was on a suitcase roll. These two were both transformed in a day.
 Let me introduce you to 'Beaky' first.
Beaky is the greedy duck in this Ladybird story from 1950.
 One side is very outdoors and farmyardy whilst the other is Beaky and the owl.
Beaky is a small slightly scruffy around the edges case. I tackled it first in case I made a mistake!
 Waiting patiently below it is 'Pets'.
 which as you guessed is covered top to bottom...
 side to side...
 and end to end in all manner of pets.
Quite when hedgehogs became pets I'm not sure but I know a little jammer who'd love one! Luckily the book doesn't suggest anything but feeding them.
Now fourblank cases left and a stack of books and vintage wallpaper.
What next?


  1. Ellie they are super the hedgehog we have one in our garden...think he's still asleep?
    Nearly finished your bits....send me address soonest...
    D x

  2. Don't apologise! You can never have too many suitcases....the are fab! :) x

  3. Your suitcases are lovely. They must take some patience ... so glad they are selling well for you.
    M x

  4. I have just fallen in love with your suitcases they are adorable x

  5. They are ever so sweet, wish I could give you mine to cover, Lucey x

  6. Hi There, What a good job you did and what beautiful story telling suitcases they have become!!!!

  7. I can't get enough of your lovely suitcases. Keep pasting ... Sarah x

  8. love them Ellie - and thank you so much for sending Mabel's bag. She loved it and filled it with eggs! (not real, don't worry)
    fee x

  9. Ellie those are such good fun, I love an old suitcase i do x Penny

  10. These are gorgeous! I especially love the pet one. So clever! Can't wait to see more. Chel x

  11. We've fallen in love with your suitcases! They are adorable! Please don't stop pasting or sharing.

  12. Lovely. I've done some with fabric but never paper ones.


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