Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Little Jammer's blankety bun tutorial

Yesterday Littlest Jammer had her very best friend here for the day. We decided to make more blankety rabbits as my last batch had all hopped off to new homes.
So, here in her own 6 year old words are instructions for making your own if you, or your little ones are so inclined!

First draw what you are going to make. Remember to have big arms and big legs and big ears that will stay on (We had several attempts at this). Cut it out.
Draw around it onto the blanket.
 Pin two pieces together and then cut it out so you have two.

Get a needle and put coloured thread onto it and do some eyes and a nose.

Put it in the sewing machine. (Sew a small running stitch around the edge leaving a gap for stuffing.)
Put the stuffing in with your finger. First you fill the legs then the ears then the face then the arms then the body. (a pencil was useful here)
Lastly you put it back in the sewing machine and where you put the stuffing in you have to sew up.
Not bad eh?
We all got the blankety bunny bug and I made a couple of mini ones for my nephew and niece.
They popped out for a sunbathe earlier.
 But now they're all tagged up ready for Sunday!
And these two are heading off to my shop tomorrow unless you want one (£10 inc UK postage) in which case I should be able to post so you get him for Easter.


  1. How lovely to see Littlest Jammer so absorbed in her task! Lovely blanket bunnies. Hope you have a lovely Easter xx

  2. These are so lovely - what a great idea! I will try this with my five year old daughter next time she has her BFF over to play. I like the way they drew the shape themselves. xx

  3. These are so sweet look at the memories you made....

  4. So sweet. I love that they drew the bunnies themselves, as the item is more memorable and they have ownership of them. xx

  5. adorable x
    what clever girlies
    have a wonderful Easter weekend
    love jooles x

  6. Hi, I have given you a blogging award! Come check out the details at my blog:

    Shirley xx

  7. Oh they're so sweet especially when they're sunbathing! Maggie xx

  8. I just love these bunnies! Even I could do this! :) Maybe I'll try it with a pile of felt squares I bought years ago and never used. I'll have to test it for strength. Thanks for the idea!


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