Saturday, 31 March 2012

Holiday pottering

 Today it's just been me and the little jammers. First day of the holiday, I thought. Where shall I take them? But no, they had their own ideas...

Ideas of the 'I shall probably be bossy teacher like mum when I grow up' variety.
 Do you like the way she's typed it because I banned from the computer for a couple of days?!
 Littlest Jammer got into tearing paper... without any help thank you very much.
 She's on a roll after winning the school Easter colouring competition yesterday!
There's a crafty and creative winner behind that prize!
 How much fun can one little jammer have with some packaging?
So I got decorating before it's all over.
Love these vintage flocked creatures.

 The hare that guards the golden egg!
 Finally the fridge has sprung back to life courtesy of some yellow stuff snaffled from the garden of a derelict bungalow next to my dad's!
Perhaps we'll go out tomorrow...

Hectic and Eldest Jammer are just warming up for Earth Hour. Lights out in 20 minutes.


  1. Sounds like a great holiday! Xx

  2. I love all your Easter bits and pieces especially the egg tree! I confess to not doing anything like that at Easter,looks fun though.

  3. The 'camp calender' is too adorable, just the sort of thing I did as a kid.

  4. Love the beautiful works of art...and your adorable Easter decor!

  5. Lovely! And very organised...good typing skills from your little one. I think the yellow blossom is forsythia - we have some in the garden and I picked some to bring indoors. I keeps for ages! You've inspired me to get the Easter decs out now! Gillian x

  6. Love your Easter things, your going to be busy with the Little Jammers list. Do you know all the time weve been coming here, weve never been to Durlston, it looks fab, that will be next on the list. Love to live in Swanage. Julie xxx

  7. What a wonderful post! love the list :o)
    have fun
    love jooles x

  8. Good to see you & the Jammers today! xxx

  9. Lovely blog, post and pictures im now a follower xxx

  10. What a lovely blog. The list is fantastic - I hope you have lots of fun. Lorraine xx


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