Saturday, 3 March 2012


This morning Littlest Jammer pointed out to me that Emily Button had only ever met a horse (forgetting our own pets!) so today we took Emily to get up close and personal with some hundreds of sheep.
We headed off to Kingston Maurward for Lambing Weekend. Emily and the jammers were not disappointed. There were already dozens of lambs to aah over.
Then of course you have to try and choose your favourite and no, they don't all look the same.
Here's my favourite - Pirate Lamb.
Emily didn't quite get to see a birth but we only missed this pair by a few minutes.
Fortunately the rest of the animals were a bit less gory.
Emily got to know the goats
as did Eldest Jammer.
Another first for Emily; the tractor ride.
 Which one would you choose?
If you're local it's on again tomorrow and next weekend until they're all lambed out.

PS Have you seen the fab giveaway over at Laalaa's blog? Follow the link on the right.


  1. How cute are this lot, ages since Ive seen lambs born, used to work on a farm with lots of lambs. Glad Emily Button and the Jammers enjoyed their day out. Goaty seems to have taken a shine to Emily Button! Julie xxx

  2. Lovely pics! Looks like a great day out. Thanks for the shout out, Ellie! xx

  3. Kingston Maurward is a great day out - we haven't been there during the lambing but we've seen some wonderful piglets! The gardens are beautiful too in the Summer! Some fab photos of the lambs!

  4. are they just too adorable or what!!! how lovely and springy :-) xx

  5. cute cute cute cute cute......they are so cute! i want one ;o)
    what a fab day out!
    love jooles x

  6. they are so adorable...makes you want one for Easter!

  7. love this post so reminds me of seeing the local lambs being born in a barn near our school when i was about 8, happy memories. on my trip across the moor's i saw quite a few lambs this week...running after mum for feeds ;0)x


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