Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Easter Egg!

Indulge me please!
Yesterday we got incredibly excited about an Easter egg of a very special kind.
Nestling in it's own pink pod.
 Our very first bantam egg from one of our new girls. The ginger one we suspect.
 It was a miserable old day weather wise so the girls didn't get too much attention. They do seem happy though and hopefully the egg is proof of that.
I made myself knuckle down to a customer order for a quilt.
So pleased to have broken the back of it!
Today the little jammers are showing off the chickens to their friends.


  1. How exciting!! I love the quilt you are making for your customer xx

  2. The quilt is looking fantastic Ellie, so exciting seeing it all come together! I think I'll have to have more children so I can have an excuse to buy more quilts and fill my house with iron beds!

    Who was the lucky one to try the first egg? Poached, fried or boiled?

  3. The quilt looks gorgeous. The last photo made me laugh, she looks quite regal standing on your table. x

  4. Well done ginger!! She's my fave :) Love the quilt x

  5. That is one super pretty chicken! Chicken envy!!!

  6. I remember when we got our rescue chickens, and the noise we made when they laid their first egg, you'd have thought it was a golden one! Chickens are so lovely and friendly and they'll come running when they hear you, enjoy them and be rewarded with lovely eggs, far superior than any you can buy! xx

  7. It must be sooooo exciting when you get your first egg. We are getting our own battery rescue hens very soon. (The lovely husband is preparing the run as we speak)
    looking forward to sharing chicken stories!!!

  8. Can't wait to see those eggs hatch...gosh I love those beds...

  9. You must be egg-static!
    The quilt is so lovely!


  10. Loving your girls! It must be lovely to have freshly laid eggs from your own hens in your own garden.Am very jealous!!!

  11. It must be such fun finding eggs, I know I'd enjoy that! Love the quilt, the fabrics are a great combination. Have a happy weekend.
    Helen x


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