Sunday, 29 April 2012

Introducing my guest bloggers!

Today's post is written by the jammers who have been dying to get on here. So I'm handing over to them, in all their own words...

As our mum was at a Bridport Vintage Fair last weekend we had a special treat for our Dad. We took him to Corfe Castle that was blown up hundreds of years ago!

As well as walking around there was a treasure hunt where you had to find sheilds with questions on.  However, we did have to go around again as we missed the first one!
One of us decided to dress up as knight.
Our Dad sent this photo to our mum as she was at the Bridport Vintage Fair.
We rolled down this massive hill but unfortunately we couldn't get our dad to roll down it!
When we got to the top of the castle there was an amazing view of the climb up to the top and the village of Corfe Castle.
Also, we could see the Steam Train from the top of the hill.
Next, our Dad decided I had been very naughty and put me the stocks!
Then my sister had been naughty; it was her turn in the stocks!
After that, we  peered through an arch window!
Once we had climbed all the way back down,we found this painting that you could put your faces in the holes and make you look like a soldier! My sister is looking really happy because at that moment she thought that we were having a pub lunch!
To end the lovely outing we went to a Sweet Shop, that was full of sugary treats!


  1. What a fabulous adventure on this Sunny Sunday for us!!
    My kids and I enjoyed this very much!

  2. Oh wow! What a treat! I love castles but Corfe Castle is one of my favourites :) Great photos and lovely to finish with sweets! Wonderful post. Maggie xx

  3. What a beautiful place to visit and have some fun. You did very good as a guest blogger . Maybe you could start your own? Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!

  4. What a wonderful day out! Loved the old fashioned sweetie shop!

  5. truly lovely daughters- what a beautiful blessing to have two ;0)...thanks for sharing your fantastic adventures little jammers ;0)x...we saw a steam train on saturday...i want to go to the shop full of sugary treats hehe ;0)x

  6. I really enjoyed your post girls...thank you glad you had a lovely day :-) x

  7. Fantastic post Jammers, Mum better watch out!, that sweet shop has some yummy sweets in it dosn't it, my daughter loves it dont tell anyone shes 19!) Julie xxx


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