Monday, 9 April 2012

Here come the girls...

It's been a year now since our short lived time as chicken owners. We inherited Dusty with our house last year, but sadly she vanished after only 3 months. It was however 3 months of sheer delight for the little jammers. How they loved it when they came home and she dashed up the garden to the kitchen door to greet them. How they shrieked when they discovered the cheeky girl in the living room. How they enjoyed carrying her around the garden on their shoulder. Poor old Dusty. One morning she was there, that afternoon she'd gone. As Little Jammer said "she was my favourite pet". Cover your ears Hectic, 15 years counts for nothing!
So, I've been looking at safer options than complete free range ever since. I've ogled the Eglus in all their pretty colours and added them to my Ebay watch list. As Easter crept nearer I was running out of time for my grand plan. It was time to be bolder, time to ask for a buy-it-now I could afford. Would you believe it, only second time of asking and luck was on my side! On Monday night I became the proud owner of a lovely posh super safe PINK Eglu. Thank you Tania (who turned out to be a customer from the vintage market)! 
One step closer. All I needed now were the bantams.
Courtesy of Jo at Dorset Traditional Poultry I was sorted.
The Eglu however took a little more sorting. Manoeuvring it from the van where it had been hidden and trying to build it in the dark proved infuriating. In the end the poor bantams had to spend the night in the spare guinea pig hutch and that is where the Little Jammers found heard them this morning! Their noise gave them away.
Still in PJs (and looking rather sleepy) they couldn't wait for a look.
15 minutes in daylight saw off the Eglu and the girls got to transport their girls down the garden.
"I'd like the smallest" said Little Jam.
That's a Silver Laced Wyandotte if you please.
Eldest Jammer plumped for the slate and gold Pekin
Leaving me with, you guessed it, the ginger one!
Or Buff Pekin as she prefers to be known.
Off they toddled to explore their new and very pink home.
Later we let them out for a spot of supervised exploring and I remembered all the chickeny habits they have...
Happy Easter Monday. Hope you're having a dry one?!


  1. What happy and pretty hens you have... may they live long and productive lives. Windy and wet here but not going to complain as boy does my allotment needs some rain!!

  2. Looking foward to seeing your chicken stories. We have 4 ex-battery girls but their house isn't as posh as your lovely one !
    Sue x( very wet and dull here in Devon today)

  3. What a lovely Easter surprise for your girls. I love the amazingly pink and very posh Eglu. What lucky hens - life of love and luxury await.
    Lorraine xx

  4. Happy Easter!

    The first time I held a hen, I thought it one of the nicest things I'd ever done!
    You all look like you are having bags of fun!xxx

  5. Oh how lovely, I am so jealous! I would love some chickens but we dont have room.Your girls look so pleased to have them.

  6. Hi Ellie,
    Aww that's so lovely for your girls. Loving that Eglu, so glad the chicken gods were on your side. Very pretty chickens, I especially like the ginger one. Hope you've had a super Easter, despite the gloomy weather. I'm with you on the eating front, feel like I've been so unhealthy this Easter!
    hen x

  7. How lovely! Great photo's :) x

  8. Yes love the pictures of the chickens and also love the vintage toys I have quite a few myself which I hope to upload soon. happy tuesday and back to normality well I know its still school holidays so have funxxpippa

  9. Great post - hope the chickens settle down well.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. I'm sure they'll be the happiest hens around with their lovely pink house! M x

  11. Hi Ellie, your girls are so lucky what great pets! The chickens are fabulous nothing beats fresh eggs.

    I managed to pop into the shop today which I must say is looking amazing there were so many lovely things that caught my eye, my eldest was eyeing up the bags of marbels and youngest anything with wheels! We came home with the racing car note board love the fabric!


  12. OOOh you got a pink eglu- cool. Your sweet hens look like they are very much loved. xxx


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