Sunday, 16 September 2012

Vintage foraging and finds

Yesterday we dragged two reluctant little jammers around Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair. It ended up being a bit of a rush as it took an age to get them out of the house then one of them had to be back for a party in the afternoon. However I had a nice mooch but sadly purchased very little.
 Lots of lovely kitchen maids in all their pastel glory. After all your lovely comments about the 1940's kitchen the other day I dug out pictures of our old kitchen from my kitchenalia dealing days and began to wish we'd never moved! I'll pop them in a post sometime soon. 
 My favourite things to look at are always the toys and nursery things where I get all nostalgic.
 Emily Button came along and enjoyed trying out all the children's things for size.
Today I headed off by myself, much more speedily, to the car boot sale.
Some more affordable finds came home with me...
 as well as flowers for the fridge.
Enjoy your week


  1. Oooh what lovely things at Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair and you found some gorgeous glass and crockery at the car boot sale too. I had that tea set I can remember the box (1970s)
    Sally x

  2. sounds like a joyfully busy weekending ;0)
    love the little lamb!...a new carboot has set up near me in an old car park which i'm looking forward to next weekend, im finding though prices for things second hand have really shot up! not so many bargains to be had especially in charity shops! ;0)x

  3. I wish I lived near Shepton Mallent, but then I would be so poor, so perhaps it's better I don't! Car boot finds fit my purse better too! Lovely finds! I'm like you, I'm drawn to toys and nursery stuff, think its all my years of working with little ones! Or perhaps its because I've never really grown up! Ada :)

  4. Gorgeous stuff there, Ellie. I'm so jealous! xx

  5. Some lovely things there. I love looking at all the old children's stuff too, takes me back!

  6. Oh my...I would have been in heaven at that fair! I frequently visit the car boot sales, and have come away with some lovely treasures. I do agree with seems the Charity shops have hiked up their prices! I luuuuuv the darling little lamb! So cute! Superb haul! Tania ♥

  7. You have bought some lovely glassware and what a sweet little lamb, I used to have a metal Mobo rocking horse, like the one in the picture, only mine was white, wonderful post
    Thea x

  8. Love your little green chair. I have a weakness for small chairs, despite the fact that there are no very small people in my house any more!

  9. I too love the green chair and understand you completetly when you say you are drawn to vintage nursery items. I'm exactly the same! Great finds at the boot sale.

  10. I've just been to Ardingly, which is along the same lines, lots of longing too! Trouble is you can't beat a good car boot!

  11. Love the caravan. I really want to go to that flea market :) x

  12. I reckon we'd spend a fortune if we had the money and big enough houses to put it all in don't you Ellie. I would have been lusting after so many things.
    Don't you just miss the grab your keys and leave days sometimes? It took us two hours to get the girls out to a fair the other weekend and I was starting to lose the will to live after the second row with Rosey about what she was wearing. In the end we just sighed and left her to it.


  13. Oh, what an amazing fair! I would want to buy everything. Those vintage suitcases, those retro kitchen cabinets...all of it. I am very keen to see your vintage kitchen now! x


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