Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Emily Button's Sunday

 If you pop by here often you will know Emily Button is a firm favourite and often joins  us on outings. Imagine my delight when I got an email yesterday from the people at Emily Button. They love her adventures and want to send my little jammers some goodies by way of thanks!
So here's a little insight into Emily's kind of Sunday.
 Emily likes to walk by the river and peep over hedges, She dreams of a shepherd's hut like this and would love to live in the pretty thatched cottage with the dovecote.
She's often to be found peering over bridges and has to be reminded to hold on tight. We had enough trouble getting her before Christmas, I'd hate to lose her.
Emily spied this green and shady spot perfect for an afternoon read by the river.
Swing or seat? What a choice.
Following on
Admiring the cows.
Trip trapping over the little bridges.
Following in her jammers footsteps.
Stopping for a rest much to the amusement of passers by (some of whom were helpful enough to offer sticks to prop her up!).
Deciding a dip in the old swimming pool might play havoc with her pink ricrac hair.
Finishing a walk with a trip to the park. My childhood park - complete with steam roller.
I can remember climbing on the roof but Emily was less adventurous.
Emily finished the day with a new experience - a bonfire!
 Little Jam gave all her toys a log to sit on and watch!

One last decision of the day.
'Pink or white Emily?'
 'Pink to match my hair, of course!'


  1. She's a very well loved member of the family! We have a Lottie, from Humphreys Tales books, trouble is she's quite large so it can take some juggling! Lottie mainly stays in the house now, little Bea not so little anymore! She is however going on school camp this year, I'm just wondering how she will fit in the small case we need to send! Ada :)

  2. How lovely. I can well imagine she is much loved.

  3. What a very fun adventure she had! Everyone looks so happy too :)

    I'd like to invite you to 'Blogger's Tea' in London on Oct 2nd. It would be wonderful to meet you :)

  4. She had quite the adventure and I would love a pink and white mallow....what a fun day you all had!


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