Thursday, 29 July 2010

Auction wins and losses!

I love the anticipation of phoning the auction houses to find out what we've won! There is the 'what if?' - we've won it all and can't afford it or the 'ok thanks' cheerful voice I put on when we've not won anything.
Well this week we had a few successes from my lengthy list. Sadly Little friend Constance wont be riding a Mobo Bronco on her 4th birthday, he reached £40. as for the 'must have' garden chairs... well my bid looked measly compared to the £160 they fetched. I needed one to sit down on when the lady told me!
However I am the delighted owner of the vintage showjumping fabric, some kitchenalia and a box of old games. We spent some enjoyabl;e time trying them all out (just to check the pieces were all there) before pricing them up for the shop this morning.

I love the illustrations on these Snap cards

And 'Happy Families of the World' reminded me my sister who lives in Amsterdam is coming to stay next week - hurray!

The shop is looking nice and full. Just need to make room to squeeze in a toybox and children's wardrobe..?

This evening I've been memo boarding. One in Moygashel's Market Day

...and just had to start on the freshly laundered Showjumping fabric. Very pleased with the result!!

Hmmm.... what to make next?
Pop back soon to see!


  1. Hiya!
    Now there's a coincidence!!!
    I just read your comment that you left on my blog (thank you kindly!) and so thought I'd come and visit yours...only to find that I actually visited your shop over the weekend! Hubby and I made a trip down to Dorset and I happened to go for a wander in the antiques centre!! Loved all your beds and furnishings! (I even spotted some panda fabric that I recognised ;-))
    Small world...
    I shall write a short blog post about Dorset as soon as I can...(sadly I didn't take any photos in the antiques centre)

    Have a great week,

  2. A comment hurrah! I feel inspired to post again. Watch this space. Thanks for stopping by both virtually and in physically Niki!


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