Sunday, 25 July 2010

Bridport Vintage Market

Had a lovely day today. We took the Jammers to Bridport Vintage Market - boy we know how to show our kids a good time! Predictably I arrived fashionably late. Thought it started at 1pm so was pushing it a bit anyway to arrive at 12.30 only to find the place buzzing. Anyway we squeezed ourselves in at the end of a row and quickly attracted some lovely customers!

Here's some better pictures of the stall in between customers.

The Jammers were delighted to find a pizza van in situ and demolished a margherita in the back of the van.

Speaking of vehicles, this beauty was parked next to us and attracted many comments and photos throughout the afternoon.

Well, there goes my first post! Note to self - remember to take photos of everything! Off to view an auction tomorrow.

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