Sunday, 12 May 2013

Making resumed, vintage sheet style

After a little sewing machine break some new makes emerged with a bit of a vintage sheet theme...

Summery t-shirts for my little jammer and a couple of little Dutch girls I've not had the pleasure of meeting yet. I'm thinking of making up some more of these to sell as I'm attending a fair next weekend. What do you think?
Whilst the sheeting was being patchworked my eldest jammer to a shine to it and reminded me I'd promised to make her a new bag.
She's really enjoyed the Great British Sewing Bee on TV and wanted to assist.
She arranged the patches herself and chose a purple sheet to line it with.
Now this is the girl who lugs the heaviest rucksack to school each day and insists everything is essential. However all of a sudden she has been ruthless with the essentials and this pretty bag has been taken to school each day!


  1. I love the little shirts...cute and the bag is perfect!
    Happy Mothers Day...Heidi

  2. Ellie
    Deffo take the t-shts to the fair...and hope the sunshines....?
    I am most impressed with that bag...and also that she is now travelling light...a major achievment as only someone who lugs a big bag around "just in case" will tell you....
    bestest D x

  3. Gorgeous bag and t-shirts. I find t-shirts sell well at fairs, the girls ones more than the boys. I haven't done a fair since Christmas but I still love to buy plain t-shirts for my two and applique on a fairly quick and simple design - i love a bit of instant crafting! x

  4. The t shirts are really cute I would definitely take them to the fair. Loving the bag, patchwork is on my list of things to learn how to do (it's becoming quite a long list!) x

  5. Such cute ideas, I have an ottoman full of vintage sheets.... Sarah x

  6. Love the bag..I can spot some of the fabric I have managed to collect,could have a go but can't bring my self to cut into the material just yet..

  7. I can see your daughter has got a good eye! I love her bag and no wonder she loves it too. Definitely make some more t shirts for the fair, they are unique and very pretty!

  8. Hi There, The girl clearly has an eye for style!!! Have a great week!!!

  9. Lovely T-shirts! What a great idea! Best wishes, Pj x

  10. Love them! Girl after my own heart! :) x


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