Saturday, 18 May 2013

A colourful fair tomorrow

 Let's hope the sun has got his hat on because hip, hip, hooray I've got a fair tomorrow.
I've not done one this year as all my 'spare' time has gone into replenishing Custard Hall but when a lovely lady rang and asked if I'd attend 'a bit of a Do' at Litton Cheney I thought it was about time.
I shall be packing up all sorts of vintage bits and bobs and have been busy making too. 
 I'm focusing on small things mainly under a £5 such as patchy hangers from vintage sheets
 Fridge magnet packs.
 Soaps wrapped in vintage wallpaper
 Good old fashioned sweetie jars
 And there will be T-shirts galore! These are appliqued with vintage sheets and finished with a crochet flower and colourful button.
Meanwhile at Custard Hall stock is selling quickly and I've decided I need to focus on the small stuff as my furniture and bigger items tend to go better at the antique centre. So, I've moved downstairs and have a 'new' old dresser to display my wares.
What do you think?
I'm just a bit addicted to utility china and it seems the good people of Dorchester are liking it too!
Do take a look if you're local or pop along to Litton Cheney's 'A Bit of a Do' tomorrow afternoon.


  1. Have a great fair! I wish I lived closer you have so many lovely things for sale xx

  2. Hi There,Love your 'new' old dresser!!!Oh And that beautiful pink teapot,Looooove it!!!Hope you have a super day at the 'DO'!!!

  3. Hi Ellie, I'm sure today will be very successful, you have so many lovely things to offer, who could resist! :) x

  4. love the custard hall display and the items your taking to your fair, hope you have a good selling day x

  5. I looove utility china - I think it's the colours. Hope you have a great day - the sun is out here in Staffordshire so fingers crossed x Jane

  6. Hi Ellie, I hope you have sold lots of things.You have so much lovely 'treasure' to choose from.

  7. I love your display with the utility china, it looks amazing with all the pastel colours together. I'm not surprised that it's selling well.

  8. Such pretty things. I saw a pink swan in the charity shop the other day am hoping it's still there when I go back tomorrow. Hope you sell out ... Sarah x

  9. Everything looks beautiful and so full of colour simply lovely, dee x

  10. Oh my you've been busy! Love the vintage sheet t-shirts all lined up in their different sizes, and those animal-topped jars are fabulous. x

  11. Love the sweet jars and the vintage sheet T-shirts. Hope the fair went well. For some reason this post did not appear on my reading list but I found it anyways!

  12. I hope that the fair went well - lots of lovely stuff you have there
    Best wishes


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