Sunday, 9 January 2011

Bed Sale

Well it's hardly Dreams, Furniture Village or the like (thank goodness), but I'm having my own little sale.
In preparation for moving house (and lock up) in a week or two I've decided to have a bed sale. They seem to be breeding and I really need to make some space. So, there's 20% off all beds during January. If you want to use a card I'm afraid it'll have to be 15%.
Here are a few of the beds I've currently got on display and a few of those awaiting restoration. There are more, again restored and battered, but I haven't got pictures of them all. Send me a message if you're after something in particular.

Happy sleeping!


  1. Good to see you & the Jammers on Saturday, it was quite a vibrant little fair wasn't it! I am looking forward to the next one... Have a good week. Lizzie xxx

  2. Good luck with the move. Hope it's not too stressful all being so close together. Probably will, but somehow you'll do it I know.

    Good luck.



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