Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Loving Lloyd Loom

Did somebody mention Lloyd Loom? Ah yes it was Fading Grace whose blog I am loving.
Sophie's post coincided with selling this ottoman I'd recovered and I was inspired to dig out my book. Yes, I have to admit at one point I was a bit of a Lloyd Loom anorak!
I also had a root through old pics for some of the stuff we've had over the years. All loved by us and the cats. Unfortunately back in those pre children days I didn't take many photos so most of it came and went with no visual record. However there are pieces that stick in my mind. The lovely green three seater sofa that I had Ian Mankin cushions made for before realising it really did take up most of the kitchen and we sold it. The excitement of finding a blue dome topped linen bin and the disappointment of getting to an old lady's house who had some Lloyd Loom advertised, only to discover it wasn't at all. She told me she called it "my Lloyd Loom" and I didn't have the heart to walk away without it even though it was horrible.
We still use the term "my Lloyd Loom" to describe the stuff that's not!

Anyway Eldest Jammer arrived and there I was tucked up on the maternity ward eagerly awaiting the arrival of Mr Jam. Would he be bringing me flowers, chocolates, something for the new arrival? Of course not! As only he could he arrived with the book below (this is 10 years ago, we'd just discovered Amazon) and a brie and cranberry baguette (I'd been missing soft cheese and the hospital food was horrible). The other new mums must have thought we were nuts!
I would have been the yummiest mummy in town with one of these! This is how the whole thing started (for Marshall B. Lloyd, not me - sadly) with prams or should I say carriages.
Eat your heart out Quinny and Bugaboo. You can't beat a pram made from paper!
Having experimented with and patented a technique for weaving paper string around wire struts the company began to consider furniture in the early '20's. All based on sound research. 1 in 96 people buy a pram and it lasts an entire growing family. 1 in 24 people is a furniture buyer - me I'm both!! And so the beauties below were born...

A great book I'd recommend if you're into Lloyd Loom and contains some beautiful photos, old and new. Also lots of information on the styles, colour charts, finishes as well as how to date the furniture by the label.

Colourful old advertising.

Which one would you choose?
I'll leave you with Eldest Jammer growing up with Lloyd!

And I happened upon this old photo of my unit 10 years ago! More of that another time...


  1. Such an abundance of Lloyd Loom Loveliness ~ such wonderful photos ~ and thank you for sharing about that great book! Your sweet daughter looks so cute with the LL chairs! Your old unit looks absolutely fabulous ~ amazing that you could part with any of it! :) Lovely post, Love Brenda

  2. I love this post!...and not just cause of the mention , I might add!! thanks. x Yesterday I did exactly the same thing and was rooting through all my old photo's, but I didn't take, before and afters back then either, bit of a shame really. I love the prams, what I would do for one of them now, I could wheel my grand child around..... one day!
    (Eccentric old bag pushes round paper pram!) loved your story about the maternity ward! Anyway this is turning into an essay.....
    Sophie xx
    P.s do I spy some really lovely vintage fabric with bunnies on? p.p.s your latest lloyd loom looks lovely, gorgeous fabric x

  3. This is great, thanks very much for the Lloyd Loom education. It's really a timeless classic, isn't it? Your kittys obviously are fond of it too!
    Hen x

  4. Oh, those baby carriages are just lovely! Great post.

  5. Ow isn't your "jammer" so cute. My sister had 4 Lloyd loom chairs and when she died my B.I.L. gave them away, now some lucky person has 4 Lloyd loom chairs for free!!! Lucey x


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