Sunday, 24 February 2013

Bag lady

I promised you a peep at this weeks making.
Remember the freshly laundered barkcloth fabrics all over my sofa?
 They're being reloved as bags. After my new spring bag I had a bit of a bag frenzy and made this little lot
This one below is probably my favourite and has already been spotted and sold to my friend and neighbour - I'm just discovering the joys of Facebook. Please do drop by and give me a like and spread the word.
The rest will be heading off to Custard Hall tomorrow and also to my Etsy shop.
I'm really trying hard now to sell enough stuff to stay at Custard Hall a little longer. High Street rent is huge and way beyond little old me but it has taken Jelly Jam to a new audience. The response has been fantastic and given me a renewed confidence that people like what I'm making and are (even better) prepared to pay for it!
So is it time to treat your mum? Two weeks til Mother's Day I think.
Which one is your favourite?

Elsewhere Eldest Jammer turned my wrapping paper into mini bunting for the bulbs. It even inspired me to clean the grotty old kitchen shelf. Whilst we're on the shelf, do you like my green Peas tin? It came in a box of old tins I bought at auction. I love the graphics and it looks great planted up with mini daffs.
You'll have to see what I did with the wallpaper next time. No photos yet and my 'to do before tomorrow' list is as long as a very long thing.


  1. The bags are gorgeous, I love the blue Orla style one sold to your neighbour. Was this a one off or will you be making any more in the same fabric?
    Thanks Ann x

  2. Hello

    I love those bags!! what pattern did you use, I would love to make one for myself?


    Daisy j

  3. Ooo err missus, those bags are right gorgeous, pure arm candy. I can't decided which one is my favourite only wish I had a few more pennies to spare, Lucey x

  4. my sophia keeps getting ear ache and her fav cushion to snuggle up to is your lovely vintage ducklings one...i love your bags i want all of them hehehe xx

  5. The bags are gorgeous! And perfect for spring!

  6. Gorgeous bags, you are a very clever lady! Interesting what you say about high street rents.Why cant they realize that maybe so many shops wouldnt go out of business if they charged reasonable rents? I hate to see empty shop units and nothing looks worse.I wish you good luck with Custard Hall and hope you are able to stay.

  7. The bags are divine Ellie, and I love the storage jars on your shelf ... My Mam had those in the 60's, wish I knew where they were now!

    Love Claire xxx

  8. Love the bags. My fav is the Orla Kiely style one - sold to your neighbour.

  9. i love ALL of them...what a fab design...i can't believe how quickly you make them! x

  10. The peas tin is amazing, just love the whole spring-like shelf arrangement. Your bags are wonderful too.

  11. Your bags are all gorgeous Ellie, I love your taste in fabrics and I think my favourite bag would have to be the one you sold to your neighbour., so 60's? xox Penelope
    ps. sweet bunting made by your eldest x

  12. You are so clever, to make so many in so little time. They are really sweet perfect for the summer.

  13. I like your bag very much ¡¡¡ nice idea.

  14. gorgeous bags Ellie. You can't have too many bags (apparently)
    Cute pea tins too...
    bring on the spring
    fee x

  15. You've been busy! Such lovely bags, you do have a talent. That pea tin is really sweet, such a spring-like shade of green.

    Gillian x

  16. Gorgeous bags - will pop over to Facebook now, give you a like and share your page Nikki

  17. These are scrummy, yummy, delicious, wonderful, gorgeous, have I mentioned that I love them?! :) x

  18. Love the peas tin and ALL of your bags. A lovely 'springy' post. M x

  19. They are lovely, especially the blue one xxxx


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