Saturday, 2 February 2013

Hearts for Vintage Lovers

 Any spare moments in the last couple of weeks have been spent stitching hearts.
I've been using off cuts to get stocked up for Valentine's Day.
All are stuffed entirely with lavender so nice and solid with no padding!
 I ordered some lovely mini bobble trim that finishes them off nicely.
All are finished with a button and ribbon
 and hand stamped tag 
I delivered a dozen to Custard Hall last week and they've been selling well.
 Funnily enough I thought the pinks would be the most popular with Valentine's but I was pleasantly surprised. No...
 First to sell was my favourite - the painterly squares in bluey greens (about 7 o'clock on the picture above)
 So I've tried to top up with some less pink fabrics!
Friends to stay tonight and I'm hoping they wont mind if I do a little bit of handstitching whilst we talk and drink. I've got a pile of pompom trim just waiting to be tacked...
Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Gorgeous work, you are so verrrry patient to make them with pompom trim! Lovely fabrics as always too
    Sally x

  2. They're all absolutely gorgeous and I can smell that lavender from here!! Luceyx

  3. The hearts are beautiful. SO glad I found your site. It's Ground Hog Day here in the States and, yay! - he didn't see his shadow so we're to have an early Spring. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. -- Jan

  4. These are gorgeous! Whenever I put lavender in anything I can always see the lavender through the fabric, which makes it look dirty! Need to use thicker fabric! :) x

  5. They are gorgeous, bet they smell nice too
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  6. They are beautiful! Maybe you could get your friends to do a bit of sewing along too!

  7. love your beautiful hearts~ the fabrics and trim just so lovely!!!!!! makes me want to get crafty this sunday x

  8. Oh they're beautiful, you're very clever! xx

  9. Love that mini bobble trim! Hearts are gorgeous.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. These are so beautiful I wouldn't know which one to choose! The bobble trim is a lovely touch. Take care. Chel

  11. Love these - they are simple and perfect. The bobble trim really sets them off.

    Gillian x


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