Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The machine's steaming!

 The sewing machine has been going full pelt this weekend. Remember the zoo fabric cushions I showed you last week? They sold straight away and the lovely girls at Custard Hall told me people were coming in wishing they'd bought one and wondered if I could make some more... did I need an excuse?
So a new pair were duly made and delivered to Custard Hall on Monday morning. The girls put them straight on an armchair in the window with some of my other cushions. I couldn't believe it when they rang an hour later to say both had sold!!
I have a tiny bit of the fabric left and am wondering how best to use it now...
Also whizzed up in the last week or so are some cushions from vintage car fabric. 
Customers always remark on how pretty my stock is and those with boys are always asking for less girly stuff. So I've made a conscious effort this month to cater for all. You won't find any pink in this post.
This old Paddington fabric is lovely, soft and worn. More cushions... backed in yellow wool.
I've just had an order for a Paddington blanket for a...... boy! I must be doing something right.
Sorry I don't know how that snuck in. It's definitely girly isn't it? Not pink though. Lovely blossomy barkcloth. I'm going to make some more of these bags for spring.
Next post is a pretty one, I can see it already...


  1. I really love the fabrics you find Ellie, super duper makes! :) x

  2. Doing something right? I thing you are doing everything right - you make such wonderful things!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. So nice to see some nice 'boy' things. I'm not surprised they sold so quickly. Lovely to see you on Sat. We will get to Dorch soon ... M x

  4. Such lovely cushions. Not surprised they were snapped up.

  5. My goodness, what stunning creations, I adore the boy cushions, beautiful xox P

  6. Hello Ellie, really looking forward to the Swap, thanks for popping over to tell me, I hadn't realised the list had been given out! Lovely cushions (and bag) by the way ..

    Take care

    Love Claire xx

  7. I just love your cushions - think the velvet backing fabric is as lovely as the print. So glad your creations are selling well - I'm not surprised though as they are great.

    Gillian x

  8. Beautiful fabrics...love the Paddington fabric! Love your creations.

  9. How great to have ready customers for your lovely cushions! I love the fabrics and the combinations you've made - they will be treasured by the buyers!

  10. Congrats on the sales. You're creations are wonderful so no surprise that they disappeared on the same day that they were placed in the shop! Some lucky customers!

  11. love that vintage car fabric!

    and ur blog too!

    will pop by again,
    mezz (mezz makes stuff)


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