Sunday, 13 January 2013

Introducing Vanilla

Have you heard? There's a new girl in town.
  She arrived beautifully packaged and hand delivered.
Unwrapped in a frenzy of excitement (both me and little jammer - um who's it for?)
Let me introduce you to Vanilla
 who is causing quite a stir in the Jelly Jam household.
She is the beautiful creation of the lovely Vanilla Squirrel and I ordered her in my favourite fabric.
Fabric I've had for ages, an old pinny in fact. It's been used for all sorts of purpose, cat bed only one of them, whilst I decided what to do with it.
 Anyway, I parceled it up and sent it to the Squirrel who transformed it into this gorgeous creature with super little details I love. All my favourite colours of course. I'm an incredibly fussy customer and after I'd requested hair colour and sent my own fabric I should imagine the Squirrel was thinking "Cripes what have I agreed to"!
Thank you Squirrel! Now Emily Button has a new best friend - just as I'd hoped. 
Don't you love a happy ending?
 We've had a fair amount of our own stitching going on this weekend. No ta dah photos just yet
 but I did break into this lovely early Cath Kidston fabric and wallpaper I've been saving literally for years
Pop back in a day or two and I'll show you what I did with it!
Have a lovely (white?) week!


  1. Vanilla is so cute. What a great friend for Emily Button. Love her hair bow and flower.

  2. Oh Vanilla is soo lovely and a perfect companion for Emily! I got a lovely vintage lavender pillow for Christmas made by Vanilla Squirrel and it's just gorgeous xxx

  3. I'm loving Vanillia, she beautiful and what a talented lady to have created her! That Vanillia Squirrel is the business! :) x

  4. Very cute doll and I love the CK too!
    Hen x

  5. Love the vintage CK fabric/wallpaper!

    Vanilla doll is lovely!

    vanessa x

  6. oh ellie what a lovely post and link...thank happy she has a new BFF in Emily!X

  7. wow she is so cute! lovely that they are friends :)

  8. She is so sweet..lovely colours..I bought an Emily B for my little grandaughter this Christmas, she loves her too
    Thea x

  9. I love it! Takes me back to a simpler time in life.....

  10. I love that doll! I remember seeing the pattern in Mollie Makes a while back and I really wanted to have a go at making one, but just didn't have the time.

    Gillian x

  11. Ooh just had to comment, she reminds me of my rag dolly from time gone by..Miss Squirrel is ever so talented and ever so nice too!
    She has gone to live at a lovely home too! Enjoy!!
    Sending kind thoughts, love Maria x

  12. How marvellous. Love the dress and now two friends are made together.

    Not nuts Ellie, there is a blue footie boy windmill thing there. He's in Seagulls colours for Mr Bun. Have to put some boy stuff around not that he's care less.

    Hopefully we'll get rid of our snow and send it on to you. Seems we've got a nasty one heading our way on Friday though so you might be better off heading this way.

    Lisa X

  13. She is beautiful - the sort of doll any girl (whatever age!) would cherish. Looking forward to the CK creation.

  14. Hi
    Love Vanilla.....wot a cutie!
    The CK material is lovely......looking forward to seeing what it turns in to.
    I'm a newbie to your blog, love reading already. I've just ordered your Alpine Lodge Messenger bag as a new year treat for myself.....can't wait!


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